Predict Your Chances for Obtaining Permanent Residence Canada under the Express Entry System

Canada’s federal immigration authority – Immigration. Refugees and Citizenship Canada – allows foreign skilled workers to permanently live and work in the country by submitting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) under one of the three federal Express Entry streams. This is the most popular and swift pathway to attaining permanent residence Canada for skilled workers.

EOIs are entered into the IRCC pool of applications, and are ranked according to the selection criteria the Comprehensive Ranking System, which allocates points out of 1200 to each candidate – based on human capital factors, spouse/common-law-partner factors (if applicable), skills transferability factors, and certain additional factors.

On a regular basis, IRCC holds rounds of invitation or ‘draws’, inviting the highest-scoring candidates under the Canada points calculator to apply for permanent residence (PR). Only those who meet the minimum point requirement or ‘cut-off’ receive invitations. This cut-off changes with each draw, and is determined based on various factors including the size of the draw, the quota set by IRCC, the frequency between consecutive draws, number and quality of EOIs in the pool, etc.

While the cut-off cannot always be accurately predicted by aspirants, one can estimate the chances of receiving an invitation to apply by examining the parameters of the Canada points system. Those who plan on pursuing this pathway should calculate how many points they are expected to score – based on their age, work experience, language proficiency, academic qualifications, spouse/partner’s qualifications, adaptability, etc.

Subsequently, the aspirant can compare their point score to the cut-offs of recent draws held by IRCC. If their score seems insufficient, they can also identify ways of gaining more points and increasing the probability of receiving an invitation from IRCC. If there is very limited scope for gaining more points, they can explore other PR pathways. This should not prove too challenging, since Canada offers more than 80 economic immigration programs.

To calculate your point score accurately, understand the point-allocation factors, find ways of claiming more points, or select alternative pathways for permanent residence Canada, it is best to seek the guidance and support of the seasoned consultants at Abhinav Immigration services – who have been helping aspirants lawfully relocate to Canada since 1994, by providing authorized representation in compliance with international regulatory norms.


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