Prepare For Canada Express Entry With Canada Immigration Express Entry

As per the Canadian Minister of Immigration Mr. Chris Alexander, migration aspirants can expect a big change in the Canadian migration policy from 2015. The new planned introduction is being promoted as a major initiative that would completely change the working procedure and process of the Canada Immigration system. The new introduction is also expected tobe faster, more adaptable and having greater room for adjustments.Several experts feel that the new policy is driven by the local aspiration and labor and economic requirements.

Over the past many years, Canadian government has tried and tested many systems. It has always sought an objective of making the visa policy more objective and adaptive to the changing requirements of the country. The authorities have tried everything ranging from suspension of all migration routes for a year to

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replacing all the older policies with the new and completely revised system.

The latest initiatives aim ate adopting more objective and selective approach is going to be launched in 2015. It will be called Canada Immigration Express Entry to provide faster passage to the migrants seeking entry. This system had been names as expression of interest. The primary feature of this scheme will be embedded in its sensitivity to the requirements of skilled manpower in various parts of the country.

With the help of the new incorporation the government will be able to select migration aspirants rapidly and help the local employers to fill up the positions lying vacant in wake of absence of appropriate talent in the local labor pool. The migrants will also be able reap rich rewards out of this system, as they would be in a position to settle down in the local environment of the country rapidly. This will in turn help the economy to extract maximum productivity from the new entrants.

Some of the salient features of the new policy include significant flexibility, i.e. the government will be able to monitor the requirements of the local labor pool and select only those people whose occupations are facing shortage. Under the Canada Immigration Express Entry system,

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the people seeking entry would have to submit their EOIs – expression of interest and furnish all the details connected to their personal and professional attributes like age, education, linguistic compatibility skills and work exposure, etc..

The EOIs would be clubbed in the pool system along with other EOIs and the government would be able to select the most suitable profiles and provide Express Canada Immigration

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Entry With Express Entry To Immigration enthusiasts.

The other most prominent feature of the new system would be embedded in significant reduction of backlogs, evaluation timings (expected to be around 6 months) for various Canadian skills migration schemes mentioned in FSW, CEC, FSTP and some parts of PNPs.



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