US Presidential Candidate Keen To Have More L-1, H-1B Visa Employees

The highly controversial Republican Presidential aspirant, Donald Trump, has taken the entire world–or at least the US–by storm. Whatever he says becomes news and rubs many people the wrong way. Through a debate recently, he, reportedly, seemed to have changed his stand completely involving the admission of the overseas manpower on the US L-1 and H-1B Visas.

Allegedly, he changes his mind so over and over again that no one has any idea what he would want to do on the issue of immigration in case he wins the race to become the nation’s president.USA L1 or H-1B Visas

He had earlier stated that the present visa arrangement permits recruiters/firms to change any employee with cheaper foreign worker, and that recruiters/firms have the legal authority to ignore the nationals, move them, or directly substitute them for good-paying middle class employment opportunities.

Interestingly, the firms of Trump are well-known for favoring foreign labor force over the US employees and for hiring unlawful aliens.

Republican Aspirant Really Pro-Reform Liberal

At present, Trump who has wedded three immigrants himself appears to have become quite open-minded on immigration once more. He just stated the Silicon Valley, in reality, does require importing tech manpower for jobs as a substitute of appointing the local people and the US requires highly-skilled individuals.

Allegedly, he has become a fairly controversial personality on the issues of US immigration having termed Mexicans rapists, recommended a prohibition on every Muslim gaining entry into the nation, had big differences with the Pope on the issue of Mexican immigrants, and been severely criticized by his own church denomination for his divisive opinions on US immigration.


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