Processing Delays for the Australian Visa

The recent racist attacks have already brought Australia in the picture. However, there have been other issues which have put the country in the world news. The recent delay in the visa processing has been a concern. This has led to many Australian employers to look out for temporary alternatives or leading to delayed work.

According to the Australian Visa agents, there has been a delay in around 457 applications filed for the visa. Also, the demand for Temporary Work visas has increased by 40% in 2005 – 06. The reason given by the Migration Institute of Australia is the issues regarding staffing and resources. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship would hence work on a strategy leading to a delay of three months in the processing timelines.

The delay clearly depicts the fact that applicants who are planning to settle down in Australia are increasing day by day. This is due to the lack of enough resources to cope with so many applications in one go. Thus, inspite of negative influences, the country has been a trailblazer when it comes to immigration. The main reason for this is the better standards of living, more income incentives and other aspects.

On the other hand, another facet to be looked into is that Australia as an immigration destination has been promoted very wisely; the results for which can be seen in the rush of applications. However, the Department of Immigration failed to foresee the impact that it is going to have on itself.

But these aspects should not discourage a prospective applicant. Since the issue is temporary, it would be sorted out soon enough. However, to be on the safer side, it is recommended that you apply well in advance before you plan to fly.

We suggest that it is best to consult an immigration specialist to guide you in such times. Also, application fee for some of the Australian programs have been hiked. This clearly shows that Australia is still in demand!


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