How To Qualify For Australia Provisional General Skilled Immigration Visa?

Provisional visas or skilled independent regional (SIR) visas provide a visa option to applicants who are not able to meet the pass mark requirement under the General skilled migrant category in either of the two – permanent and sponsorship- categories.

It is also an appropriate visa category for applicants who do not possess competent English skills and have their total band score to be 5.5 in their IELTS test. However, these people will need to upgrade their English skills until they have competent English as they participate in arrangements made by territory or state governments.

Provisional visas or skilled independent regional (SIR) visas aim to provide skilled workers a temporary permission to work and live in Australia’s regional area. Provisional visas are usually valid for 3 years and are comparatively easy to obtain than visas applied for permanent residency in Australia.

This visa is developed in collaboration with territory or stare governments. This primary purpose of this visa is to promote and retain the migration of skilled workers to areas in Australia where population growth is quite low. As a result, these skilled migrants fill in the skill shortages in Australia and also boost the development of regional communities.

Territory or state government sponsorship is mandatory for applicants applying for this visa. Provisional visa category provides the holder a pathway to applying for a permanent Australian visa. This is subject to the condition that they must have worked full-time for a year and lived in a regional Australia area for a minimum of 2 years before filing their application for Australian permanent residence.

A simple two-stage process for visa will then make you enjoy the permanent residency benefits soon.

As and Australian permanent residents, you and your family can:

  • Permanently Live and work in Australia
  • Study in Australia at school or university at subsidized fee plans as applicable to Australian residents and citizens
  • Receive subsidized healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  • Access certain social security payments (subject to waiting periods)
  • Be eligible for and apply for Australian citizenship, subject to the residency eligibility criteria
  • Sponsor people for permanent residence.

Where you are allowed to live and work in Australia depends upon who is supporting your visa. If some relative is

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sponsoring it, you will be granted the permission for “designated area”. On the other hand, if yours is a territory or state nomination, you can work and live temporarily in a regional area in Australia.

Sometimes when your provisional visa is about to expire, you can obtain a bridging visa if you have an official application for other visas that have been specified and you can then file for getting permanent visa for Australia.

Summary: Provisional skilled migration visas to Australia provide a pathway for people who wish to work and live there but could not qualify in the permanent visa category and those whose English language skills are not high enough to meet the requirement of pass mark of the general. Subject to a few conditions, holders of such visas are permitted to covert their status into a permanent resident visa status.



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