Australia General Skilled Immigration Visa- Qualifying Conditions!

Skilled workers who wish to migrate to Australia but do not have employer sponsorship now have all the reasons to flash their million dollar smiles. With several visa options that are listed in the General Skilled Migration program, you simply have to meet a few qualifying conditions and you will soon be on your way to Australia. You may apply as an independent migrant or with the sponsorship of any of your relative or the nomination by the territory or state government.

Review the given qualifying conditions for General Skilled Migration program for Australia and check if you are the lucky one!

  1. Age: You must be under 45 years of age when you apply. Many times when people file for qualifications assessment, they are about to celebrate their 45th birthday. By the time they receive assessment and file application, they are already 45 years of age, as a result all their expenses and efforts for assessment nullify. If you are about to turn 45 and seeking some prior assessment advice, you need not look any further and contact us without any delay!
  2. English language: In order to assess your proficiency in the Queen’s language, your score in the IELTS test holds great importance. There are different score bands for IELTS test, based on several professions, trades and occupations. The IELTS score form an integral part of application to be filed with Department of Immigration and citizenship and in case of some nominated occupations; it is required for the purposes of qualification assessment as well.
  3. Minimum Qualifications: Relevant post secondary qualification is a must. This is equivalent to the Australia’s trade qualification, diploma or a Bachelor’s degree. However, in a few exceptional cases, it may be possible that a skilled worker who does not have a post secondary qualification may be granted the permission for immigration.
  4. Nominated occupation: Make sure you file application for the skilled occupation that is supported most appropriately by your qualifications and skills. As an applicant you have a wide choice of nominated occupations to choose from; the more appropriate occupation you choose, the better will be the points earned by you and chances of acceptance of your application. Responsibilities and duties handled by you in the past four years is an important determiner in this case. Your nominated occupation must come under Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL) or Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  5. Qualification assessment: You must get an assessment of your skills done by the relevant assessing authority, according to your nominated occupation. Selecting the most appropriate assessment authority is important and can also be confusing at times. An Australian Immigration specialist is best suited to guide you in making this choice.
  6. Recent job experience: Evidence about the paid employment in the nominated occupation must be provided, with a minimum experience of 1-2 years before applying. Not to forget, this employment period must not consist of any long paid leaves, such as maternity leave or any such family leave.  Please note that it is not essential for an applicant to meet the requirement of work experience, if they have studied in Australia for two years, though visa application must be lodged within the next six months of completing this qualification.

Summary: Australian Immigration criterion is a well-defined procedure. To meet the qualifying conditions, make sure that you choose the right nominated occupation and get your qualifications assessed by an appropriate authority. An experienced Immigration advisor will help you in determining whether or not you meet these qualifying conditions and avoid unnecessary rejections. If not qualified, he will advise you on alternate immigration destinations that will suit your profile and family the best.


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