Quebec Economy & Job—A Fleeting Look

Quebec is the second most populated Canadian province and located in East Central part of the nation. When it comes to lifestyle, music, infrastructure, culture and religion, it is completely different from rest of the country. The province is self sufficient and has everything that a person requires to raise a family.

It is the heart of the French population, as it is the only state in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ that has French as its official language. With European texture, the province is a mix of both old and new world. Geographically, it is the largest province and when it comes to administrative division it is the second largest province in the country.

Apart from attractive tourist destinations what make the province stand apart, is its economy, and existence of ample of job opportunities. The province is a rather attractive destination for those who are looking for appealing job opportunities and are eager to become economically strong.

Quebec Economy and Job

Also known as ‘La Belle Province’, Quebec has the 37th largest economy, and if it was a nation, it would have the 44th largest economy in the world. The province economy contributes 19.65% towards the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The province has an open and post industrial economy which is diversified in nature with enough potential for growth. Its service sector and manufacturing unit play a dominating role. Besides, it has abundant energy, agriculture and natural resources.

Every year, its manufacturing sector produces a wide range of products, such as software, air traffic control equipments, helicopters, toys, aerospace, subway trains and much more. Information Sector (IT) plays a dominating factor. It has been estimated approximately 53% of the total IT companies in the nation are operational from Quebec and Montreal city.

In North America, the province alone is the high tech key player which has closer to 7, 300 business ventures and the number is increasing every day. These ventures currently employ nearly 145,000 people.

It has been reported with the aim of creating 115,000 new jobs in the innovation and knowledge sector, for the time period of 2013 to 2017 has been unveiled a budget of two million dollar. An increase in the province job market will boost its economy and attract more professionals.

Tourism also plays a crucial role towards the economic development of the province as it has many sophisticated cities and several outdoor activities which include attractive events and festivals that are attended by a large number of national and international tourists, from every corner of the world.

Job opportunities in the province are extremely bright which is growing at the higher pace. And if you are a skilled worker with the required skills and education, you should defiantly head towards the province.

At present, the province is facing a serious shortage of many professionals, such as Engineers, Mangers, Web Developers, and Human Resource Professionals. For complete list, you may consult the Quebec Immigration High Demand Occupation List.


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