Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme—Requirements, Benefits

Quebec is located in Central Canada and is the only province in the nation with pre-dominantly French speaking nationals. In fact, it is the only province that has French as its official language. It is the second most populated province and known for its ethnic multi culture and modern amenities. If you are eager to embrace a new life in Quebec, then opportunities are endless for you. Its economy is relatively stable making it the most influential province in the Maple Leaf Country.

A large number of people–who pour inquires for Canada Immigration–specifically enquire for Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme. It is the most suited for those applicants who have successfully acquired self employed, managerial or entrepreneurial experience. The applicant has to prove that he is financially capable of establish himself in the nation is efficient enough to contribute towards the national growth. An intention to settle in the Quebec Province is a mandatory condition.

The programme allows the primary applicant and his or her family members to immigrate to Quebec as Permanent Residents. They may ultimately become Canadian Citizens.

The programme is free of age restrictions. It does not require language proficiency or education qualification as well. It’s the best option available to qualified business professionals or managers.

Basic Requirements

  • The primary applicant must possess or have a company for at-least two years in the last five years. If he has not a company, he must have a minimum of two years of work experience, at a managerial level.
  • The primary applicant along with his spouse must have acquired a minimum of CAD$ 1,600 000 either by running a business or managing a company.
  • He must agree to make a minimum investment of at least CAD$ 800 000 for a period of five years.

How the programme works?

Once you have successfully deposited CAD$ 800 000 and your business immigration application, you will receive an approval. Once the province approves your application, Gouvernement du Québec will issue a formal document, Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate). Thereafter, the Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa will be issued.

To deposit the amount either at a brokerage firm or to the Canadian government bank, you will not have more than 110 days. The amount will be returned at the end of the five years tenure without any interest rate paid by the Quebec government.

What are the benefits of Quebec immigration under Immigrant Investor Programme?

  • Easy access to excellent public and private healthcare facilities.
  • An opportunity to acquire Canadian passport.
  • Vibrant and rich multi cultural society to raise family with values and discipline.
  • Relatively close tie up with the US market and the NAFTA.
  • Comprehensive government programs to support business development.
  • Peaceful and pollution-free environment with strict norms for environmental controls.
  • Excellent education system and easy access to some of the best universities in the world

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