Quebec Immigration–What Visa Options Are Accessible?

Quebec–the stunningly beautiful Canadian province is more than a perfect immigration destination for those who wish to indulge themselves in fascinating and rewarding work environment and/or just live a quality life.

Every year, 100s of 1000s of candidates try to get through the cumbersome and somewhat complex Quebec Immigration process. This is an altogether different matter that just a handful gets an opportunity to successfully settle move and settle in the province.

Against this backdrop, the job and role of visa consultants dealing with Quebec Immigration becomes very decisive. But well will talk about them later. Here, we will first talk about the province and also the different visa paths up-for-grabs for the aspirants like you.

Though, Canada, the Land of Milk and Honey, has French as its second national language, it’s only the Quebec province that has French as its official language. Quebec is also the only Canadian province that has the largest number of French speaking people living on its territories.

Quebec Immigration

If you are eager to start afresh in Canada, then settling in Quebec can be a very good option. Yes, it is a fact!  The opportunity and avenues that the province offers to immigrants are just endless and vast. The province has a strong economy, even as it is pretty influential on the national map.

So, it is little wonder that it attracts people from practically all walks of life, such as skilled workers, young business personals and investors. Significantly, the province is quite famous among students as well and many of them wish to purse higher studies there in.

If you are interested in Immigration to Quebec, then you should be happy to know there are many easy-to-follow pathways to choose from. In case you wish to make the province your second home, following are some of the options available for you to duly streamline the process:

Quebec Skilled Workers Programme: It is an incredibly popular point based programme. It aims to meet with the growing demand of trained workers across the province. As per a report, certain professionals such as Human Resource Professionals, Engineers, Doctors, Web Designers and many more are highly demanded across the province. For complete details, you may check the official web is of the province.

Quebec Investor Immigration Programme: It is a permanent category and free of many basic requirements, such as education qualification. It is most suited for those with a business experience or who have worked as manger in a company. You are eligible to get Permanent Residence (PR) under the particular programme if you have CAD$ 800 000 to invest in the province for a fixed tenure of five years.

Entrepreneur Programme: Business professionals are always given preference. To be considered, you must have at least $3, 00,000 with you earned legally, and as you relocate to the province you must be decisive to control the equity of the venture.  It is also necessary that through your venture you must be able to create at least one full time job for local citizens in the very first year. Failure in meeting with the set criteria may invite a legal notice. In some cases, many applicants have been deported to their native country.

Quebec has its own specific immigration procedure that is separate from other provinces/territories. Only the best capable of contributing towards the province’s economy get an opportunity to settle in the province. Each applicant has to go through a rigorous and tiresome immigration process.

Quebec Immigration & Visa Support

Given this, if you are you are keen to move to the province, you must consult an experienced and well-known Canada/Quebec immigration consultant at the earliest opportunity.

Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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