Long & Short of Quebec Skilled Worker Program Process

The amazingly beautiful province of Canada, Quebec is the second most densely inhabited province of the country. This region has its own distinct set of immigration rules and regulations. Now over to the topic of Quebec Skilled Worker Program Process! It is tailored to show which aspirants may become sure footed, in financial matters, upon turning up on the soils of the province.

With a view to successfully make the cut under this program, one has submit a properly filled up application form to the Quebec Immigration. Those application forms which do not carry the relevant data or information, or which are not filled the way it should be, get rejected out rightly.

All crucial testimonials and other required documents must be enclosed with the applications, and on its basis the next course of action is decided. Interview, the next step, is an essential part of the selection process.

It is during an interview that the visa officer decides if the aspirant has it in him to set himself in Quebec with success. One’s proficiency in French language is also evaluated during the interview. With a view to do well in personal interview, one would do well to seek the assistance of an Immigration and Visa expert.

Aspirants, together with their accompanying family members, must undergo medical and security checks as well. For clearing security checks, one is expected to furnish documents related to identity and civil status and also clearance certificates given by police. For sailing through the medical check, the aspirants are required to undergo a medical examination. This must be done by someone who is recognized by the CIC.

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