Quebec Skilled Worker Scheme – An Excellent Canada Immigration Programme

Canada Immigration Programme

Among the many popular overseas immigration destinations Canada is placed right at the top. Its offers numerous attractive Canada Immigration Programmes that suit the applicants of all kinds and backgrounds. Check with your visa agent to find out more on the subject. Ask him how he can help and guide you to move to the destination in the shortest possible time and with least difficulties.

Canada Immigration Programme

Canada Immigration Programme

The nation has many beautiful provinces well-known for their economy, infrastructure, job opportunities and cultural diversity. The key province Quebec is one such region that throws numerous opportunities to new immigrants and has also made its immigration process easier.

As per the province’s premier, the Quebec Government is ready to remove the barriers that restrict the entry of certain immigrants in the province. You are most welcome to use the different Canada Immigration Programmes run by the province.

At present, the Quebec Government is reportedly busy in creating approximately 1.4 million new opportunities by the end of 2022.  Thus, to fill such a large number of vacant positions a large number of foreign skilled workers apart from the local ones will be required. Against this backdrop, it’s a golden opportunity for those who are were waiting to move to the Maple Leaf Country. Coming back to Quebec, it is yet to meet its target of 51,000 immigrants which is due for the year 2017.

Quebec Skilled Worker Scheme

While the province’s government is ready to welcome the new skilled workers under the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP) it is also setting up new strategies and plans to help them integrate in the local labor market and the province.

The QSWP is a popular and excellent Canada Immigration Programme to make it easy for the prospective immigrants to move to the destination and become a permanent resident in the country.

Let’s discuss the programme in detail!

It is a popular provincial nomination programme which allows skilled immigrants to legally live and work in the province and contribute towards the development of its economy and fulfill the requirement of its labor market.

Candidates are selected on the basis of nine determining factors and only those candidates are picked who are likely to do extremely well once they are in Quebec. To qualify as a skilled immigrant, an applicant is required to score atleast 49 points. Those who wish to immigrate to the province with spouse or common law partner are required to score even higher points, i.e., 57 points.

S.NO    Selection grid    Points

1          Age      Upto 16 points

2          Education         Upto 14 points

3          Language          Upto  22 points

4          Experience        Upto 8 points

5          Close relative and a prior visit to the province     Upto 8 points

6          Practical training            Upto 16 points

7          Spouse or common law partner Upto 17 points

8          Financial status             Upto 1 point

9          Job offer from a Quebec employer        Upto 10 points

The Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) has opened the QSWP for the next intake period that will end before March 31, 2018 though the exact dates are yet to be announced. The intake period will accept approximately 5,000 new applications.

How it Works?

To apply for this popular Canada Immigration Programme, the applicants are required to submit application through Mon projet Québec that allows them to apply for CSQ or Certificat de sélection du Québec, pay their programme fee online, check their application status, update information in their application and access electronic messages. It is a point based programme though it is not mandatory to have a job offer from a Quebec employer, but the same can fetch you some extra points.

It seems that many prospective immigrants are excited to submit their application through the QSWP. The process will be managed smoothly under the Mon projet Québec system and they will get immediate response.

Given this, apply before long. The competition is tough and you will surely not like to be left behind the race. Speak to your immigration & visa service provider TODAY!


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