Quebec Society Ruled by Democracy

Quebec is a dream destination for a large number of overseas aspirants across the world. There are many things that have made this Canadian province a perfect choice for overseas immigrants wishing to live in a healthy social atmosphere.

The best thing about Quebec is that this province follows a democratic system and thus maintains the principle of equality among its people. Being a democratic province, equality, freedom, and participation of citizens in the political affairs become the main features of Quebec’s political system.

During the period of elections, both the local and the naturalized citizens of Quebec are provided with the right to vote for their representatives at all government level. Apart from all these, there is secularism in the province with clear separation of powers between the religious and political sectors in Quebec. Separation of powers between these two sectors is the fundamental value of Québec society.

The fundamental values of Québec society is set out by the Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, they are…

  • Defining the right to equality.
  • Prohibiting all kinds of discrimination.
  • Specifying the legal, political, economic and social rights of the citizens.

The Quebec National Assembly has made a Declaration on intercultural and interracial relations. This particular official declaration aims to condemn racism in Quebec and commits the Quebec Government to motivate everyone for their complete participation in the social, cultural and economic development of the province, irrespective of their religion, colour, national or ethnic origin.

The main reason for Quebec becoming the most demanding destination among the overseas aspirants across the world is its democratic nature. Immigrants overseas and their descendants are always encouraged by Québec society to participate and contribute in the national life.

The society of Québec believes in negotiation, as, when it comes to settling disputes, Quebec society always follows the path of negotiation. The brutal expression of religious, ethnic, or political rivalry and any kind of hatred have never been appreciated by the Quebec society.

Every Quebecer has to show their respect to the basic values set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and other Quebec laws. Furthermore, Québec as a desired immigration destination is due to its basic social values and characteristics.

If you choose Quebec as your preferred immigration destination, then you are agreed to respect basic values of the Quebec society. The Government Quebec welcomes immigrants from every corner of the world with open arms and motivates them to join the 7.5 million people in Quebec who are aiming at working to build the career.


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