Reasons of Engineers Immigration to Canada

Canada with all its potential is a hot destination for migration enthusiasts from all walks of life. The government itself is interested in inviting qualified people to work in various nodes and venues in the country that contribute to economic performance greatly in terms of generating productivity and employment.Free Assessment form

The economy of this country is gigantic and robust and its performance ranks amongst the elitist and most prosperous economies of the world. At the current level of performance, Maple country is ranked at no. 11 in the league of the developed nations with massive domestic GDP of $CDN 1,720,748 million. Although, in principle the economic composition Canadian economy is also chiefly dominated by service sector component that currently employ the 75% of the country’s workforce, but if closely analyzed the overall composition of this economy is rather unique in its own way as this country experiences major presence of primary sector especially in terms of natural resource extraction, mining and logging.

Besides the mammoth primary sector, manufacturing sector also happens to be a chief stakeholder of the Canadian economy with a prominent industrial presence in every state of the country. The secondary sector of Canada is dominated by high profile and high tech manufacturing installations and

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facilities including

  • Automotive
  • Aircrafts
  • Pharmaceutical machinery
  • Railway coaches
  • Communication technology
  • Energy generation etc.

Today, Maple country has also become a leading point of origin for entertainment software industry. All these components require a sumptuous supply of qualified technical expertise to work, process, innovate and sustain the operational aspects in the similar tempo which have been maintained over so many years. The desire and requirement generate an abundance of requirements for the qualified and appropriately trained Engineers In Canada.

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a commodity that is short in supply in the domestic labor pool of the country and the government is left with no other option but to look overseas for fulfilling and plugging the yawning gaps in the demand and supply of expertise.Check Your Eligibility

The government has created elaborate skills migration system that does not only prioritizes the qualified class of migrants but also guarantees a quick response and process for facilitating a rapid Immigration To Canada.

Engineers in various categories and classifications have an unprecedented and incomparable abundance of openings and prospects in various venues of economy that range from serving and innovating in mining and agriculture to manufacturing and services sector. Factories, assembly lines, fabrication units, maintenance teams and outfits, software developers and network engineering professionals etc. all have a great potential for qualified specialists.

The authorities of Maple country have also laid down a revolutionary policy that helps the qualified people to get the due preference and priority over the deadwood and inappropriate profiles i.e. the applicants aiming to file their requests for FSW scheme of Canada Immigration must now get their academic qualifications verified and evaluated from the designated assessment body. In the current arrangement you can place your request to immigrate if you are a

  • 0211 – Engineering manager
  • 1112 – Financial and investment analyst
  • 2113 – Geoscientists and oceanographer
  • 2131 – Civil engineer
  • 2132 – Mechanical engineer
  • 2134 – Chemical engineer
  • 2143 – Mining engineer
  • 2144 – Geological engineer
  • 2145 – Petroleum engineer
  • 2146 – Aerospace engineer
    • 2147 – Computer engineer (except software engineer/designer)

Plenty of openings, simplified policy and system that prioritizes and guarantees selection of qualified people are all the right grounds and Reasons Of Engineers Immigration to Canada. You can approach us to know more about reasons and the system of migration.Click Here



  • Sakthivel

    Sir/madam am Sakthivel, i have done Engineering in Mechanical department, with 3 years experience in the field. I would like to work and migration in Canada. Because I love to work in Canada. Am waiting for chance migrate to Canada.

    • Immigration Experts


      Thanks for your comment. Can you please send me your updated resume of self and spouse (if married) at [email protected] for evaluation and assessment process, post that my immigration lawyer will get in touch with you for further guidance.

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