Right Time To File Your Australia Skillselect Visa Application

If you have been taking your time in accumulating updates and observing the trends being indicated by the new Australian immigration policy, you may be missing the bus. The race for the Aussie migration is heating up and more and more people are preparing and filing their digital profiles in form of EOIs on the Skill scroll platform. If you are planning to fly down under in pursuit of brighter future then according to us it is Right Time To File Your Australia SkillSelect Visa Application.

The consecutive selection rounds of the new implementation have been selecting 1400 people for the next phase of Subsection 189 independent skilled immigration. Since the month of November the momentum has really picked up well and now every month authorities are sorting out priority ranked EOIs (on basis of ranking achieved by EOIs through point based analysis of profiles of applicants)in 2 rounds and are selecting 2800 people for next round.

As per the trends indicated by the selection process there cannot be better news than the fact that most of the EOIs being short listed have achieved a score of 60 marks. Even in the December 17, 2013 round more than 60% (between 800 to 850) of the EOIs selected had scored 60 marks while almost 400 profiles with 65 marks were extended advice by DIAC to submit application for final processing.

If you are also intending to file for subsection 189 then this may be the Right Time To File Australia SkillSelect Application. You can avail our services and assistance in preparing your EOI for any of subsections and routes of migration.

The new on selection of other subsections is also encouraging, for permanent provincial nomination class subsection 190 over 650 applicants were short listed by various Australian provinces. Most of the endorsements came from western South Australia which selected 250 people followed by Western Australia which selected 171 people.

Even the nomination class 489 in temporary format has seen selection numbers rising consistently. Till now 700 people have been advised by the Australian immigration authorities to file their second set

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of SkillSelect Visa Applications.

State of Victoria led in rendering endorsements to business owners and investing individuals by selecting 22 people for temporary business migration (business innovation and investment scheme) subsection 188. A total of 43 profiles were promoted to next stage. Business Talent permanent subsection 132 meant for people with substantial financial profiles also saw 8 people being selected for next round.

You must start preparing now and visit us To File Your Australia SkillSelect Visa Application. We can advise and assist you in every phase of Australian immigration.

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