Right Time To File For Australia Immigration With Skillselect February Update Bulletin

Good news is round the corner with our advice gaining relevance about the Right Time to File For Australia Immigration with SkillSelect February Update Bulletin. The updated schedule of the 4th February 18th February has all elements of being termed as prolific for people seeking an opportunity to file their digital profiles through EOI on the SkillSelect platform.

But the news also brings out certain facts that suggest that people who are aspiring to migrate down under on basis of Independent Skill class 189 (federal) must hurry up or it might be too late for them in this year’s program. As per the updated inputs we have received certain trades have attained yearly numbers cap i.e.

  • 2311 – Chemical and Materials Engineers (allotted 120 invited 120)
  • 2611 – ICT Business & System Analysts (allocated 1800 invited 1800)
  • 2334 – Electronic Engineers (allocated 480 invited 480)

You can approach us for preparations including listing of documents to be sent for assessment and To File For Australia Immigration with SkillSelect.

Authorities will not be selecting EOIs filed under these codes anymore till 1st July 2013. The classes that will be debarred from short listing people include

  • Federal independent – 189
  • Provincial nomination – 190

Although this number cap does not include invitations issued under classes belonging to

  • Employer sponsorship
  • Business innovation and investment

Besides the codes now fully accomplished for 2012 -13 year program 2633 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals has reached 80% of its allotted numbers with 410 of 480 intended invites being sent out to people.

In the 04th February 2013 round 1060 people were advised to file for the next phase of Australia Immigration process while 878 EOIs were short listed in the 18th February 2013 round for next phase as against the prefixed value of 1400 possible invites for each round. This does indicate at one aspect that many codes have not yet received appropriate EOIs and this improves the chances for people yet to file their digital profiles.

The minimum cut-off was again pitched at 60 marks and almost 90 % of the EOIs selected had score between 60 and 75 marks with almost 50% of EOIs scoring 60 marks. EOIs selected above 75 are negligible in numbers. Although, these figures do not truly reflect the exact situation of EOI scores for each trade code, but the trends nevertheless indicate at a good and competitive race for Australian skilled migration Visa.

Till February SkillSelect Australia Immigration rounds 12798 people have been selected for next round under section 189 and 1017 EOIs have been advanced to next stage with results of other classes still awaited. Overall till the completion of these rounds 17592 people have been promoted to next phase of process where you are required to supply substantiations of claims submitted in EOIs.

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  • kiran


    i got ACS as Sysytem Analyst. I got NSW state sponsorship letter. only EOI is renaming? I want to apply for NSA Skilled Nominated[190 subclass]. is DIAC accepting application currently ? should i file now or they are going to accept it after july end?? are they putting all the IT proffesionals file on hold now ?? please suggest.

  • Sh

    Is there any chance to get invitation for system analyst before 1st July

  • Anna Carolina


    I would like to know if it is worth submitting my EOI for Systems Analyst now, knowing that they might only give new invitations for this profession from July on – is it better to wait and submit my EOI in July, or is it better to do it now so that i’ll be on the “waiting” list ?

    Thanks in advance!

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