Australia General Skilled Immigration Visa- Who Among Spouses Is A Better Principal Applicant?

When you apply for Australian immigration, one of the partners is chosen as the principal applicant or PA and their spouse becomes the interdependent partner. PA is selected on the basis of several factors that make them better eligible to apply for Australian immigration as compared to their partner.

Either of the two partners can become the PA. A free assessment of the background information and skills of both the partners can be done by Australian immigration experts at for making the right choice.

The credentials and resume of both partners are analyzed for the specific requirements of Australian Labor market and occupational criteria. The next step is to check which of the two spouses suit the qualifying criteria for Australia immigration the best. Proficiency in the English language and the age are some other factors that are taken into consideration to select the principal applicant. In many cases, wives are chosen as the PA as they are usually younger in age.

So, the crux of the matter comes to the analysis that, whoever among the spouses is expected to gain better points in the qualifying criteria is made the PA, end objective being a successful permanent resident visa application for the family.


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