Australia General Skilled Immigration Visa- Migration Occupations And Demand List (MODL) And Its Significance

The Australian Immigration Department generates MODL or The Migration Occupations and Demand List. This list comprises specializations and occupations that are in great demand in the Australia’s labor market but do not have sufficient skilled workers to meet the ongoing demand. MODL is further divided into different occupation categories, namely, administrators and managers, associate professionals, tradespersons and professionals.

In case, the occupation you wish to nominate for is included in MODL, you will be awarded with 15 extra points on your General Skilled Migration points list. In addition, you will also enjoy the benefit of priority in processing of your application.

Further, if you are some of the lucky visa applicants whose occupation is not only listed on MODL but also possess a job proposal from an appropriate Australian employer; you will be entitled for 20 additional points. However, this is subject to the condition that the employer must have employed at least 10 full-time employees in the last two years. Needless to say, your proposed employer must be able to provide the necessary documents or evidence to prove this. All submitted documents are verified for accuracy by DIAC or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Changes in MODL takes place quite frequently on the basis of shift in the trends of Australian labor market. So, applicants must check for the latest MODL while submitting their visa application. A noteworthy point is that it is mandatory for your occupation to be listed on MODL not only when while it is being assessed but also when you file the application.

The list is also applicable when you are applying under the employer nomination program. Applicant must have worked in their nominated occupation, for a minimum of 1-2 years. Hence, it is always a good idea to check for MODL for maximum advantage in your Australia General skilled Migration.

Summary: Migration occupation in demand list provides the list of occupations that are in great demand according to the Australian labor trends. Some conditions may provide you with an additional advantage, in terms of points.



  • You have not mentioned whether your skill assessment was positive. If an occupation is not in CSL, then the overall application processing time has gone up considerably

  • hello, i am simerjit i have applied as a tailor in 176 visa class on 8 december 2008 i received my file number but after that i did not get any response please tell me when i can get visa


    i applied as an TOOL MAKER,earlier this occupation was in CSL and they asked me to provide medical and PPC,i submitted all my documents in the first week of april 09 but now they have shifted my occupation in MODL, So can you please tell me how much time it will take for mi file to process and when i will get my visa….???????

  • Kate

    Thanks for the useful info 🙂

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