Do You Know Singapore Proffers Vast Business, Investment Opportunities?

In a very short period of time the Asian country of Singapore has established itself as a very coveted immigration destination for ambitious business people and investors from across the globe. If you are keen–either to start your own business venture or make profitable investments in a foreign country–then you will be happy to know that Singapore is the perfect country for the said purpose.

Inquisitive immigrates will be rather pleased to learn that business and investment opportunities in Singapore are immense. Apart from being a major tourist destination, the nation is also recognized as one of the major commercial hubs globally.

Surprisingly, the country is also the fourth largest financial center in the entire world. It has a very well developed globalized economy that proffers minimum risk to business personals and investors.Best Singapore Immigration Visa Consultants

Its moving market economy largely depends on trade. With around 5 million inhabitants at present, it is the only Asian country that has won the coveted AAA rating from these major credit rating agencies–Mood’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s.

As an economically developed country, it has a fairly rich history of immigration. The country has successfully attracted business people and investors from all over the world, who wish to develop a business and investor portfolio, or simply wish to live in a business-friendly nation.

It offers various economic and financial benefits which include an easy path and easy processing of establishing a business venture or making an investment. Worldwide the Singapore economy is known as innovative, business friendly, competitive and the freest.

If you are interested to make the most of the available business and investments opportunities in Singapore, then there are pathos of options to choose from.

Global Investor Program (GIP)

Courtesy the Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower, the programme was introduced to draw potential business people and investors–either to start a new business venture or simply invest in the country.

The foremost eligibility is to have minimum of three years experience as an entrepreneurial and business personal. The aspirant also must submit the previous three years audited financial statements to the government of the Singapore.

The applicant must submit a business proposal for the next five years or an in depth investment plan that must include the possibility of hiring Singapore citizens and profit to be earned though the investment. Once the Singapore government reviews the proposal and approves it, the primary applicant, along with his family members, can come and live in the country as a permanent resident. The applicant must not miss the given deadline of five years to attain the projected profit.

Another option under the Global Investor program is to make an investment of at least $2.5 million SGD in a fund approved by the GIP that will be further invested in local companies. In this case, the applicant is exempted from other conditions. Under both the available options, initially the Permanent Residence (PR) status is granted for a period of five years with the further possibility of extension.

EntrePass (Entrepreneur Pass)

Introduced way back in 2004, it is an easy path for business people who either wish to establish a new business venture or overtake the existing one in the country. Candidates with innovative business plan may submit an application for EntrePass even before incorporating their own company in the nation.

Till the time result of the application is not declared, the applicant does not have to invite financial incorporations. Once the petition is approved he will have 30 days or one month to add the financial budget and integrate the proposed business plan. Primary applicant may bring along his family members, via dependent visa.

The beautiful Asian country proffers endless opportunities to business personals and investors. The moment you think of immigrating overseas, it surely has to be Singapore.



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