Singapore EntrePass Eligibility Requirements At A Glance

Singapore has emerged as a thriving economy slowly and it has contributed towards the faster growth of the economies which are situated in the East. Along with humongous economies of the East–like China and India–Singapore has also been a talk of the town among immigrants. This country has rightfully given hopes to the immigrants who want to stay back in the eastern part of the globe.

Take a look at the economic might of this country!Singapore Immigration Visa

Economic Growth of Singapore

Though by looking at the record, one can say that the economy growth has slowed down, due to extremely investor-friendly policies and programmes–like tax holidays, tax benefits, minimum red tapism in the conduct of the business–the nation has emerged as a hub for tourism, investment and jobs.

Some of promising records which have been held by Singapore in terms of bring economic transformation.

  • 2016 Economic Freedom Score: 87.8 (down by 1.6 points)
  • Economic Freedom Status: Free
  • Global Ranking: 2nd
  • Regional Ranking: 2nd in the Asia–Pacific Region
  • Notable Successes: Rule of Law, Regulatory Efficiency, and Trade Freedom
  • Concerns: Monetary Freedom and Fiscal Freedom
  • Overall Score Change since 2012: +0.3

These are few of the milestones which have been achieved by Singapore and these records have delivered for the business and growth of Singapore. But as an investor, if one is looking for ways of investment, there are a lot of possibilities to be used.

One can look forward to the Singapore EntrePass as an investor visa to help facilitate the movement in a smooth manner. There have also been myriad possibilities to gain Permanent Residency (PR) also. So, to get the best possibility of movement, one can always look forward to Singapore Entrepass for movement.

In this piece, you will get to know everything about the Singapore EntrePass and how it has been changing the probable scenario of economic development in the country.

Singapore EntrePass

The main purpose of introducing it was to encourage and attract foreign investment in the country. On account of the promising work culture and economic expansion, there has been a huge level of growth, almost to an unprecedented level which has been seen at Singapore. Therefore, if you as an immigrant want to explore the EntrePass, and use it as a gateway to be in the most promising country from a business perspective, you need to know about the immigration scheme.

Take a look at how it can help bring about a difference in the immigration pursuit of yours!


The application for Singapore EntrePass is very simple. One has to just propose a business idea in front of the authorities, and once that has been accepted, the immigrant can straightway move to the country even before incorporating the company. But as per the guidelines and specifications, within 30 days of the immigration, it is mandatory that the person has incorporated the company and infused the necessary share capital to make it operation. So, as an immigrant, one has to be ready to live with all the expectation under the visa.

EntrePass Eligibility Requirements

  • The individual must be ready to relocate to the country for business purpose only. The person can move under the Entrepass Visa but he should be required to start up an enterprise in the nation.
  • The person should have relevant entrepreneurial background.
  • He should be willing to register the company as Singapore Private Limited and not as a sole proprietor.
  • The company shouldn’t be more than six months old. There is also provision for starting the company immediately after the movement. The best which suits the immigrant can be availed.
  • The company should have a minimum paid up capital of S$50,000.
  • There should be 30% shareholding of the owner in that firm.

How Singapore EntrePass has helped the Singaporean Economy?

The huge amount of investments in road, infrastructure and investment specifically in real estate and banking has bolstered the economy and the nation has emerged as a strong economy through investment visa. A huge amount of investment which has been locked is being used for rapid economic development and this way the country has been able to achieve the millennium goal of quick economic development and recovery.


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