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Singapore has dynamic aura to offer along with an opportunistic economy that helps you to explore the hidden potential in you. This country has become a growth example after freeing itself from the grasp of colonization and imperialism. It recently became the fourth leading financial center in the world even as it has the biggest casino market that one can ask for. From an overall perspective, this country is definitely in the list for immigration visa.

If you want Singapore immigration visa, then it is one of the best things that you have been thinking so far now. However, whenever it comes to getting immigration visa for Singapore, people often say that it is better to choose some other country rather than thinking about Singapore. Now, you may be thinking that why so? Well, the trend is prevalent and there is no doubt about it. However, citing the main reason is imperative, and in this piece you will get to know that reason and how you can overcome these reasons will also be thrown light upon.

The most important and pivotal reason that aspirants often dread away from a Singapore visa is the slim chances it offers for getting approved. Many a time, acquiring immigration visa for Singapore may look like another rocket science. The most striking feature is because of the application for Permanent Residency (PR). The moment candidates apply for immigration to Singapore, and they acquire it positively, after completion of a stipulated period they apply for PR.

Such steps at the hands of the immigrants put an additional pressure on the economy, and to overcome that the government has turned pretty rigid towards facilitating both the PR and immigration visa. In 2009, the Singaporean government took a bold step and they have cut the PR application procedure and acceptance by half. Such a trend proved to be a discouragement for all those who were having good positions in Singapore in their respective profession and they wanted to materialize the growth by setting up their family there.

However, the real story was that it never materialized in the best way. Time and again, there were also aspirants who almost gave up because of the complexities in the process that hovers around the immigration visa acquisition. Those people, who wanted to apply for immigration visa for Singapore, were not aware of the process that was the best fit to streamline the movement. Often they were just wondering, and this was one of the primary reasons that the immigration applicant to Singapore suddenly nosedived after 2009.

The authorities are so strict that even a minor mistake can lead to complete rejection and debar you from applying for a stipulated period. So, such practices have taken a wedge on the probabilities of aspirants making their way to this country.

Another reason that was attributable for the fall in the application was tedious and cumbersome formalities to apply for PR. The PR application process is the toughest and it often tests the endurance level of the immigrants. So, you must have the best immigration consultants to be there for you if you are applying for Singapore, else chances are bleak for movement back there.


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    Me and my wife are software professionals and having 12 years of experience. I want to know the procedure to get work permit in Singapore.

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