Skilled Graduate Visa Program Of Australia To Be Expanded

Reports pouring from various sources have suggested that foreign students doing their courses in Australia will be allowed to apply for work permit, who are staying in the country for a regular period of two to four year after completing their graduation from an Australia University, under the latest immigration policy, which is expected to be introduced in the coming year.

Presently, overseas students completed their graduation in engineering, medicine, architecture, teaching, accounting and other trades related courses are allowed apply for work permit to stay in the country and work for the period of up to 18 months after their graduation.

Under this latest visa policy, every individual with a graduate degree will be allowed to apply for Skilled Graduate visa, giving them with the permission to work in any profession in the country for up to the period of four years.

It simply indicates that the latest visa policy would allow all the graduate individuals, irrespective of their study fields, to be in this beautiful Kangaroo Land and work in any occupation after their graduation. Students with a graduate degree will be provided with a visa for the duration of two years, while individuals with a post graduate degree will receive a visa for the duration of three years and individuals with a doctorate degree will get visas for 4 years period.

Qualified individuals will have to show that they have proficiency in English and also have health insurance. Besides, they have to fulfill other requirements regarding good character, health and security aspects.

In this context, the Immigration Minister of Australia, Mr. Chris Bowen was quoted as saying that the expansion of the Skilled Graduate visa program will help in enhancing the competitiveness of the study sector of Australia, which

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presently worth AU$18 billion.

He further added that these preparations are not connected to Skilled Immigration, so candidates for this visa category will not have to nominate a profession from the List of Skilled Occupations or go through the assessment process of skills. The Government of Canada will provide the facility to modify provisions in future considering its economic and employment situations.

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across the nation.

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