Skilled Worker Immigration Visa to Canada

Canada is the finest place for skilled workers to secure a great career. To work in Canada, one needs to apply for a Canadian skilled visa. A number of formalities need to follow while applying for a skilled Visa in the Canada. Visa processing does not take much of your precious time.

Canada has the highest number of migrants from all over the world for many years. One of the major reasons for a higher arrival of the migrant population in Canada is its ability to give a better lifestyle to its citizens. If you want to live and work in Canada then the best preference for you will be Canada skilled worker migration program. This program is particularly designed for people who want to work and live in Canada permanently.

What is process of Canada Skilled Worker Immigration Program?

The immigrant department first reviews the individual on age, language ability, education, arranged employment, adaptability and work experience. The selection criterion for this particular program is based on a points system & the applicant need to qualify using points calculator. However, the selection is very different for the Canadian immigration under the federal skilled worker visa. An applicant needs to have an employment offer from an employer who is already working with a home in the country to qualify for any of the occupation under the skilled worker category.

To qualify for the skilled worker visa the applicant need to score specified points through the immigration selection system. If the applicant is that he/she need to score minimum 49 points whereas an applicant with a spouse or common-law/conjugal partner must score minimum 57 points. Once the person has qualified an assessment under the mentioned category then he/she can apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident. An applicant is also required to show the all medical

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and criminal records to get the PR status. While taking the help of of experienced migration experts, he/she will be able to get a skilled worker visa and get migration to Canada without any trouble. Know the norms and policies and then apply the correct visa for migration to Canada.

Immigration to Canada & Canadian PR

If the applicant scores satisfactory points under the immigration points system then he/she will be approved to get a certificate of selection and Canadian PR Visa.

Point’s distribution for Immigration Selection

  • Training – 28 points maximum
  • Experience – 8 Max
  • Valid employment offer -10 Max
  • Age -16 Max
  • Stay and family in Canada -8 Max
  • Language proficiency -22Max

How to apply for Canadian Immigration?

If you want to settle in Canada Apply for Permanent Residence and you want to get details about immigration under the skilled worker visa then you can contact immigration experts. They will give you all details about Canadian immigration visa services, eligibility criteria, documentation & visa requirements. Migrate to Canada allows the skilled workers to live in the country under the status of permanent residence.

Below are mentioned some of the benefits of Canada skilled migration Visa:

  • It gives the Canadian Permanent residence status
  • The visa provides unrestricted access to the job market
  • The candidate need not have a special job offer, work permit or sponsorship from the employer.
  • There is no limitations on the type of work selected by the migrants


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