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To explore the developments and progress in the new Australian migration policy you must visit experienced and well versed Skill Select Australia Immigration Visa Consultants. The new implementation has been received very warmly by the migration aspirants across the planet and number of applicants is rising consistently.

The most commonly applied for route in the newly established framework has been federal independent class subsection 189 under which 6990 people have been advised to file for permanent residential permission by the automated Skill Select interface. These people will now be submitting their physical documentary proofs to the department of immigration and citizenship – DIAC within the stipulated 60 days.

The most exiting revelation in selecting profiles for the advancement into the next stage has been the marks level. It is very clear that your EOI needs to score a minimum of 60 marks to qualify for being considered for the next stage of submission of physical documents. This submission leads to final assessment and grant of permanent residence permission. The EOI is ranked on basis of the scores achieved by a profile and is selected automatically by this interactive platform.

Currently Australia Skill Select Immigration Visa system has selected almost 3500 EOIs i.e. 50% EOI which scored 60 marks (the minimum cut-of marks). This implies that the selection process is quite competitive and almost all the people filing for Australian skilled migration under the independent federal route stand a good chance of being selected.

Although, your chance of being selected is also influenced greatly by the annual trade number limits, most of the professions except chemical and material manager ANZSCO code 233111 (which has run out of vacancies in the current year allocation) still have not achieved the maximum sealing, but the way this opportunity is being explored by migration ready people, it seems things will be soon out of hands of the people who fail to respond timely.

The figures state establish out estimation of situation very clearly i.e. in month of August only 90 people were advised tom file for next stage of migration, which phenomenally rose by 1000% in September to 900 the numbers double up on count of September to 1800 in month of October. In next round November 2800 people were granted permission to file for the permanent residential visa. In 3rd December 2012 round 1400 selected EOIs were extended permission to file for final phase of permanent residential permission.

It is high time to spring into action, in case you are planning to migrate down under on basis of your trade you should contact us. We are the most acknowledged Skill Select Australia Immigration Visa Consultants in your city.  

The most exiting aspect of new Skill Select system is that the EOIs with minimum stipulation marks of 60 have also been invited to file for final stage of Australian permanent residential visa.  If you are planning to migrate to this destination you should contact us. We are the best SkillSelect Australia Immigration Visa Consultants in your city.

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