Move to South Australia! Check State Nomination Skilled Occupation List 2015!

South Australia (SA) is a rather popular state located in the Central Australia. Every year, the Department of Immigration and Border protection (DIBP), the concerned visa and immigration organization, receives hundreds of applications from those candidates who wish to settle in the region. The state is known for its vibrant culture, natural beauty, growing economy, wine and various cultural festivals.

The year 2015 seems pretty promising for those who wish to migrate to ‘Oz’ especially to the SA. If you wish to call SA your second home, you should know about South Australia State Nomination Skilled Occupation List 2015.

The state nominated occupation list makes it much easier to migrate to Down Under even as the list is updated annually. The DIBP has for the first time divided the State Occupation Nomination List in two parts–the first is State Occupation List, and the second is the Supplementary Skilled List.

State Occupation List

It is updated regularly on the basis of the demand of skilled workers and the need of local labor market. If you successfully meet with the set criteria, the possibility is your application will be fast processed and with the right skills and experience you will be granted a valid Work Permit to live and work in the SA for longer duration.

Supplementary Skilled List

Limited numbers of applications are accepted under the list. It is restricted for international graduates who have successfully completed either Graduate or Masters Degree from the education institute located in SA or else have one year of work experience in any of the occupation mentioned on the list. Those–who have close family member already residing in the state as Permanent Resident and they are ready to support you financially while you look search for a job–may also submit an application.

South Australia State Nomination Skilled Occupation List 2015 consists of 175 professions and it varies from health, hospitality, ICT to Managers. The occupation list is updated regularly, and just in case you are filling the application late, the occupation status may also change. Therefore, the prospective immigrates on the basis of their skills and experiences are advised to:

  • Double check the occupation list. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Submit the application at the earliest. Competition is tough; steal a march over your competitors.
  • Fill the free assessment, and
  • If you have any doubts you may seek advice from an Australia immigration expert. There is no dearth of experienced professionals on the issue. Use their expertise and knowledge and clear the cobwebs of your doubts and uncertainties.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to check the employment opportunities, and if you have to go undergo any further training, register yourself with any authorized body or a license need to be obtained to work in SA.

Candidates with following characteristics are ideal:

  • At the time of submitting the application, the age of the candidates must be below 50.
  • The aspirant must be ready to give a commitment to live in the state for at least two years.
  • The occupation of the candidate must be mentioned either on the State Nominated Occupation List, or the candidate must be eligible to apply for Supplementary Occupation List.
  • He must be fluent in English. To prove language proficiency, candidates are required to submit language score. An ideal score is 7.5 or 7 in each band and it largely depends on the specific occupation.
  • He must have enough capital to support them while he searches for a suitable job in South Australia.
  • An ideal candidate must have at least one year of work experience in the last three years. Important: some occupations may require higher work experience, and no work experience is required from International graduates.

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