Submitting Petition For Canada Work Visa As Student

Are you a student studying in Canada and eager to do a job off campus? If YES, you require filing a submission for Canada Work Visa.

Online Petition

If you are desirous of filing an application online, you need to have access to a camera or a scanner for making the

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electronic reproductions of the papers to be duly uploaded. Besides, you should possess a credit card, for payment purposes.

Paper Submission

However, in case you are interested

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to present your petition on paper, you need doing these:

• Getting submission package–This comprises submission manual and a variety of forms. Since the charge for processing is not returnable, you would do well to make certain the eligibility requirement, prior to you submit your petition for Canada Work Visa.

The petition form has every important instruction to be duly followed. At all times, make certain to provide unambiguous, accurate, correct, & handwritten replies to the queries.

Incomplete petition forms are not entertained even as these are dismissed right away. You may also type your answers.

Paying petition charge–Submission charge requires to be settled in Canadian currency.

Paying fees online is obtainable in a situation wherein you possess American Express Credit card/MasterCard, a Visa, a printer, besides PDF Reader software. You may also cough-up the fee at any financial organization in the Maple Leaf Country, in case you do not wish to make the payment online. However, take care to gain a receipt form IMM 5401 for doing the same.

And before one forgets, obtain an original payment acknowledgment, via mail! Yes, it’s essential.

If you are a student in Canada, and keen to gain a work permit, you could do the same via online and paper application submission procedure.


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