The Details Of Subclass 189 Immigration Visa Key Requirements

Skillselect, the visa application process in Australia, has reduced the pass-marks for the intending migrants, especially for the migrants who fall under the subclass 189. Skillselect is a point based visa/permit that applies a screening process for the intending skilled professionals, who wish to live and work in Australia. The subclass 189 is meant for the skilled professionals who don’t have any sponsorship from any of the three categories, mentioned below-

  1. Sponsorship from an Australian employer
  2. Sponsorship from a state / territory
  3. Sponsorship from a member of family, already a resident of Australia


An individual who has his immigration visa under the subclass 189 can live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. The migrant can also include some of his family members to be covered under the visa. The details of subclass 189 immigration visa key requirements are –

  • Skillselect, the visa application process in Australia, makes it mandatory for the intending migrant to submit an ‘EOI’, Expression of Intent to reside in Australia
  • Must select an occupation duly mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List
  • Must have relevant professional and academic qualification to match the preferred occupation
  • Must be below 50 years while receiving the invitation
  • Must have shown his proficiency with the English language
  • Score not less then the pass-marks which is 60 test points
  • Must meet the other visa and health requirements

Of all the Subclass 189 immigration visa key requirements the most critical is the filing of the Expression of Interest (EOI). The Skillselect makes it mandatory for the intending migrant to declare the most credible information about his academic qualifications and the professional experience. The objective is to have a positive assessment of the key skills needed to excel at the preferred job. It is therefore very essential for the applicant to have a good look at the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) which mentions the available occupations in Australia. A well thought decision should add to the chances of a visa for the individual as the governing body must be satisfied that the person can successfully take up the professional obligations.

To meet the Subclass 189 immigration visa key requirements, the applicant must also get a positive assessment of his proficiencies with English language. On this

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aspect, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has made is compulsory for each and every individual to take up the test, even if he or she belongs to an English speaking background. The requirements for a subclass 189

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