The Nova Scotia Nominee Program For Skilled Applicants

Nova Scotia is one of the three Maritime Provinces of Canada, which has continued to be a diverse and vibrant place for immigrants from all over the world, since the period of its settlement by the European colonists.

Surrounded by natural beauty, this province of Canada is known for its exotic islands, beaches and soothing climate. Due to its proximity to the ocean, since years, fishing has been a significant part of its local economy. Apart from its natural resource sector, the other significant fields of income in Nova Scotia include: the aerospace, defense and the sector of tourism.

This popular Canadian province has population over 900,000 people and is known as one amongst the most densely populated provinces across the Maple Country. Though from geographical perspective, it’s relatively a small county, yet this land has a great cultural appeal. There are 11 universities in Nova Scotia and known for its rich cultural and artistic tradition, which includes literature, music and film.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program of this land is known as Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). Similar to other PNPs, this particular program is also designed to provide the facility of the immigration process to those having required skills and experience in the province. The qualified applicants under the NSNP will be provided with status of Permanent Residents of Canada.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program includes five immigration categories, such as: International Graduate, Skilled Worker, Family Business Worker, Community Identified, Agri-Food Pilot Sector Project, and Non-Dependent Child of Nova Scotia Nominee. However, each of them has its own eligibility criteria. Here we will be discussing about only the Skilled Worker category.

Skilled Worker Category

The Skilled Worker stream is created to help the province’s employers to appoint skilled professionals, whose requirement is big in Nova Scotia. However, to qualify under this category, an applicant should have a permanent, full-time employment offer from an employer of Nova Scotia.

Pursuant to the National Occupation Classification List of Canada, the employment offer of an applicant may come under one of the three levels, such as: skilled (A or B level), semi-skilled (C level), and low skilled (D level). In case, the offer of employment is for the position of skilled personnel, then applicant can apply via the Nova Scotia Nominee Program without prior employment or residency status in the province.

However, for a semi-skilled and low skilled employment offer, the NSNP might consider an application on the basis of the conditions of the native labour market. The immigration applicants have to work for minimum 6 months period in Nova Scotia prior to the submission of their applications. The Nova Scotia employers also have to show that efforts have been made by them to employ permanent residents and citizens of Canada for these vacancies, along with providing necessary assistance to the new immigrants in settling them in the province.

Finally, for every level, the conditions of work and salary details in the offer of employment have to meet Canadian standards.

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