The Western Australia Immigration Process under Subclass 190 for Psychiatrists

Western Australia (WA) – the largest state in the country – offers gainful employment opportunities for varied occupations to immigrants from across the world. More than 35% of WA residents were born overseas. Psychiatrists wishing to migrate to WA can pursue the Australia immigration process under the General Stream, by applying for the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) – which allows skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency to permanently live and work in the country.

The Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) defines psychiatrists as people who treat, diagnose, prevent and assess human behavioral, mental and emotional disorders. The average salary for a psychiatrist in Australia is $193,955.

Psychiatrists can build lucrative careers in WA – especially in the bustling riverside capital of Perth – a multicultural city that harbors a diverse expat population, with immigrants comprising more than 60% of residents in some suburbs. The cost of living in Perth is also lower than that of cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Psychiatrists fall under ANZSCO code 253411. This occupation is classified as Skill Level 1, and features on the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List (the relevant SOL List Australia) as ‘Available’ – implying that qualified psychiatrists can be nominated for permanent residence (PR) by the WA government, provided they satisfy certain minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Showcase evidence of at least one year of Australian work experience as a psychiatrist within the preceding 10 years, or at least three years of work experience outside Australia as a psychiatrist within the preceding 10 years.
  • Since Psychiatrists are classified under ANZSCO Major Occupation Group 2, they must demonstrate ‘Proficient English’ by scoring at least seven in each test component of an approved English language test.
  • Have a contract of employment – for at least 12 months of full-time employment as a psychiatrist – with an employer in WA.
  • Demonstrate sufficient funds to support living expenses and settlement costs for themselves and accompanying dependents for at least the initial three months in Western Australia.
  • Fulfil the Subclass 190 Australia PR Visa requirements set by the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA), which is the federal immigration authority.
  • Since Subclass 190 is a points-tested visa, applicants must score at least 65 points based on their age, English language skills, work experience, academic qualifications, partner skills, nomination and adaptability factors.

Check Your Eligibility

Intending migrants who can fulfil these conditions must follow the prescribed Western Australia immigration process:

Step 1: Expression of Interest (EOI)

The aspirant should submit an EOI via SkillSelect – the DHA’s online portal that evaluates and selects eligible applicants. The EOI should mention that the aspirant is seeking a nomination from ‘Western Australia’ or from ‘any state or territory’.

Step 2: Apply for nomination

Eligible EOI profiles may be invited to apply for nomination by WA Migration Services, subject to occupational ceilings, WA state nomination requirements, and DHA points test pass mark. Within 28 days of receiving the invitation, candidates must apply online for WA state nomination. If the application is approved, Migration Services will nominate the EOI in SkillSelect.

Step 3: Invitation to Apply

Being nominated for the Subclass 190 Visa adds five points to the applicant’s point score. The highest-ranking candidates by point score will receive Invitations to Apply for the visa from the DHA, through SkillSelect.

Step 4: Visa Application

Within 60 days of receiving the invitation, candidates must submit a complete application for the Subclass 190 Visa to the DHA, which dictates the final outcome.

Eligibility for the Western Australia immigration process is largely determined by the nominated skilled occupation, which further impacts the success and sustainability of an immigrant worker in the state. Psychiatrists can safeguard their future in Australia by availing the services of authentic immigration consultants, who can provide reliable support and guidance throughout the assessment, documentation and application process.


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