Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa Application By Dependants

A partner or family member of the entrepreneur could fill the dependant application. The Tier-1 entrepreneur Visa Application by dependants form is submitted with reference to the main applicant. The main applicant on this form is the entrepreneur. The first part of the application contains the payment details. The mode and source of payment are mentioned in this region.

Following this is the personal details of the dependant. Once the proper identity has been established, the process goes to the next section. Here the passport and travel documents – both current and previous are detailed. After this, the current immigration status of the person is filled. This should include the current place of stay, visa category and period of stay with proof.

The dependant should next mention the main applicant’s details. This includes the main applicant’s PBS migrant number. Hence, this forms half of the dependants details required. One could also avail extra help by referring guides. Once all the details have been provided, the relationship status is mentioned. Whether the dependant is a partner, spouse or child is declared.

The amount that is received for dependency from the main application every month is mentioned. Tier-1 entrepreneur Visa Application by dependants requires many declarations. This includes declaration of support from UK public funds. Bank statements of the disposable amount and maintenance amounts should be shown.

A summary sheet is provided towards the bottom to ensure if every necessary detail is filled. The summary sheet includes pass book, bank statements and society statements. Different sets of proof are required for each category. The children require a specific type of proof from societies. The friends or spouse requires certificates.

The Border agency then awards points according to its systems. If the dependant’s application crosses the threshold points, then it is cleared. The dependant could also get himself employed or switch his visa status. This would require him to apply from outside the UK’s European Economic Area (EEA).

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