Time Opportune for Australia Immigration for Architect Professionals

Pay attention all Architect Professionals; it is the right time to apply for Australia Immigration! Your profession is currently in-demand in the country and is mentioned on the latest Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

The main aim of the SOL programme is to balance the skill shortages in the country by recruiting skilled migrants from various other countries who can contribute to the Australian economy immediately.Free Assessment form

If you have opted for a visa under one of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) categories, then you should have an occupation which is listed under the SOL profession while applying for the immigration process.

Australia Immigration for Architect Professionals

Australia Immigration for Architect Professionals

Australia Immigration for Architect ProfessionalsRequirements for PR Visa

  • You should have also appeared for a relevant sill assessment conducted by the concerned authority for your occupation category. AACA is the accessing authority for the Architects occupation.
  • If you have a qualified a degree outside the country, then it must be equivalent to an Australian qualification, so to assess this, you are supposed to appear for some related assessments.Check Your Eligibility
  • Appearing for the AACA assessment alone does not suffice to qualify for PR Visa. Provisional assessment is just formal evaluation which is conducted before moving to the hotspot. Once you arrived there, you may need to appear for another assessment which is a final one called the Review of Academic Equivalence.
  • The RAE is a Competency Based Assessment that is available only in Australia, and it is considered as a final assessment by AACA for overseas architectural qualification. It is an Interview process in which the interviewers examine the knowledge extent of the aspirant, through a set of questions.
  • If you have acquired a graduation in Architecture from overseas and qualified an AACA provisional assessment, then you are eligible to appear for the RAE evaluation. You can also appear for the National Program of Assessment if you do not wish to appear for the RAE evaluation.

National Programme of Assessment

If you wish to appear for the National Programme of Assessment then you should possess certain qualifications. Here, are some requirements which are necessary to enroll for the National Program of Assessment. You must fulfill the requirements in academic, English language and work experience requirements.

  • You should have cleared 12th standard or an equivalent study.
  • You should have scored 6.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • If you already have work experience then you should at least have 7 years of work experience in any related fields, such as architectural, planning, building. You should also have 3 years of experience in an architect office.Click Here

If you do not possess AACA approved qualification, then you will be suggested to study further any related courses in an Australian school of architecture, so that you may not miss your opportunity due to lack of qualification.


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