Time Opportune for Canada Immigration-Motivated Medical Radiation Technologists, Medical Sonographers

As per reports, currently, skilled professionals–such as Medical Radiation Technologists and Medical Sonographers–are officially wanted in Canada under the NOC 3215 and NOC 3216 respectively. So those who are Canada immigration inspired are advised to kick start the immigration and visa process for the Maple Leaf Country. The time is just right for the object as the chances of the qualified aspirants making the cut are high given the shortage of such specialists across the nation.

A large number of professionals in the Maple Leaf Country have been promoted and/or many seniors are on the verge of retirement and so the nation currently has numerous job opportunities, and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has included the professions on its skilled occupation lists to fill this shortage. Not many skilled people from the professions migrated to Canada earlier.

These professionals are appointed in the hospitals and healthcare centers. Their chances of getting employed in medical laboratories and at physicians’ office are also high.

Medical Radiation Technologists Work Profile, Wages

These experts employ x-ray and additional imaging tools to take the images of inhabitants’ wounds and likely diseases.

The wages for these experts differ on the basis of the experience, and also the size of the hospice/hospital they do a job for. Fresh graduates working a 40-hour week take home roughly $49,000 per annum. They progress every year for six years to $69,000. Higher-ranking experts–who possess management responsibilities–can receive a maximum of $95,000. These professionals are also allowed overtime, night rates, besides additional stipends where applicable.

Medical Sonographers Work Profile

Sonographers are the specialized doctors who control the equipments which are used in producing the images of the injured body parts, and to heal the disease and damage. It’s highly skilled profession and requires exceptional knowledge and talent to analyze the information collected from the sufferer. It’s a highly responsible profession, and at the present, as mentioned before, very much in demand in the country.

These experts run ultrasound equipment to turn-out and record the images of the different body parts to assist the physicians in supervising pregnancies and in making a diagnosis of cardiac, vascular, ophthalmic, and additional medical problems. At the present, the job prospects for the professionals are quite good.

The Canadian administration predicts that an aging populace, together with the advent of fresh medical technologies and methods, will require extra Medical Sonographers for the coming future. A characteristic permanent yearly salary for this line-of-work is in the area of $65,000 to $75,000. Remarkably, in the province of Quebec, Medical Radiation Technologists perform the job of Medical Sonographers.


The candidates ought to have the required educational qualifications along with language skills. They should also possess sufficient funds to live in the country.

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