Time Opportune for Electro Technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers for Australia Immigration

At the present, Australia is facing a serious scarcity of qualified experts from various domains with the profession for Electro Technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers being one such line-of-work. Against this backdrop, qualified Australia-immigration motivated aspirants are advised to make the most of the favorable situation, and immigrate to Australia using their in-demand professional skills. They can rest assured that they would not only be handsomely rewarded for their wanted skills, but they would also be offered the nation’s prized permanent residence (PR) status.

Key Responsibilities – Electro technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers

Among others, these experts are responsible to assemble, set-up, test and repair various electrical appliances, networks, circuits, electronic systems, equipment, lifts, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, electrical distribution networks, and telecommunications equipment.

Some of the major responsibilities undertaken by Electro technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers are as follow:

  1. Inspect the blueprints, wiring diagrams and specifications to find-out location and connections for fittings.
  2. Carry-out test for locating and repairing electrical malfunctions.
  3. Cut and connect wires and cables.
  4. Assemble, fabricate and set up electrical and electronic systems, networks, parts, and electrical devices.
  5. Install, test and adjust electrical and mechanical parts of lifts.
  6. Set up and maintain refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, and connecting electrical systems and electrical devices to power supplies.
  7. Install, maintain and repair telecommunications and data transmission equipments.
  8. Transmit and obtain radio messages.

Work Environment for Electro Technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers

Down Under offers exceptionally excellent and favorable work environment for these professionals. It offers rewarding pay packages. The management at the work place is within reach and is accountable for their employees.


To meet the requirements, for Australia Immigration as Electro technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers, you need at least a three years degree in relevant subject although a two years post graduate degree is an added asset. However, to substitute the formal education three years of demonstrated work experience is sufficient. In some rare cases, three years relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification.

Major Benefits

Some benefits enjoyed by Electro technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers in Australia are as follow:

  • The country offers many social benefits; it has zero tolerance attitude towards discrimination is any form and those who practice it is entitled to legal action.
  • Oz is famous for its modern life style and high standard of living, well maintained infrastructure, best road transport to easily travel between places.
  • The country has a wonderful multi-cultural environment it is a immigrant friendly country historically the country is rich, giving equal space to people from different nations, people are helpful and guide you as your prosper.

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