Time Perfect for Australia Immigration 133111 for Construction Project Managers

Australia Immigration  – Construction Project Managers

It seems to be a pretty great time for the overseas skilled workers, from the different professions, for Australia immigration.

And so some specific skilled professionals–such as Construction Project Managers ANZSCO 1331111, for instance–are advised to express their interest in moving to the hotspot, by lodging their Expression of Interest (EoI) with SkillSelect. Yes, the specific line-of-work is presently in-demand in the country, thanks to the amazing expansion and growth requirements for quality infrastructure in the country!Free Assessment form

As a skilled Construction Project Manager ANZSCO 1331111, you can not only successfully shift to Down Under, but also get a prized Permanent Residency Visa (PRV), and, of course, very handsome pay-packages and several perks. With a PRV you can hope to get all you have dreamt o obtaining abroad.

But who are these professionals and what they do? Well, as per the latest Skilled Occupation Lists (SOLs) brought out by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), they are presently in-demand experts. They plan, control, keep an eye on, supervise, administer, organize the construction and development of the civil engineering ventures, dwell, build and coordinate with the human resources required in construction.

They make the different missions and support the construction/development of projects and validate that these projects are delivered well on time, and in accordance with the company’s objectives. Nearly every construction firm in Oz requires the services of these professionals.Check Your Eligibility

Since long the demand of these experts has been growing in the country and so the DIBP has listed the occupation under the 133111 Construction Project Manager Profile even as the national assessing body for these professionals is VETASSESS.

Key Tasks

  • Understand drawings, designs, and architectural specifications.
  • Coordinate the delivery of materials, labor resources, plants and apparatuses.
  • Coordinate with several other professionals, such as architects, engineers, and technical and trade experts.
  • Guarantee the timely completion of the ventures inside the given budget, and negotiate with the different property developers, building owners and subcontractors.
  • Make tenders and projects and bid for contracts.
  • Run and execute programmes for various sites.
  • Follow the building legislations and performance, cost, quality and safety standards.
  • Present plans to local authorized body.
  • Oversee, keep an eye on and supervise the progress of subcontractors work.
  • Arrange building review by the local authority.


The DIBP has replaced the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) with the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Hence starting from April 17, 2017 you are eligible to apply for one of the following visa categories:

  • Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visas
  • Training Subclass 407 Visas – Occupational Training Stream
  • Temporary Graduate (subclass 485)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 visas (Direct Entry)
  • Skilled Regional Provisional Subclass 489 visas (State Nominated)
  • Temporary Worker (Skilled) Subclass 457 visas

Choosing the right visa category is certainly not an easy task, but you can simplify the same by consulting an experienced Australia Immigration Consultant, and getting his professional help & guidance. Most leading Indian cities have a couple of well-known players in the field. Do some research and find a really good and trusted name.

Skills Required

A Construction Project Manager – 133111 in Down Under is required to possess number of skills.

  • They must be excellent planners who manage their time well to ensure the project is completed well on time.
  • They must be good resource managers to validate that no equipment or material falls short during the construction of a building.
  • They must manage financial activities within given budget to ensure that the projects do not exceed their earmarked budget.
  • They must have good communication skills, and communicate with the stakeholders and keep them well updated on the projects’ development.

They must be rather motivational, and keep the moral of the staff high, and keep motivating them to achieve the target with the best outcome in the industry.Click Here


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