Top 6 Useful Websites for Canada Immigration!

If you are on the look out on the internet for Canadian immigration, these sites are a must check out! This article is an endeavour for those on the quest to know more about Canadian immigration. There are certain sites in particular not to be missed out. Some of these include the following:

  • – Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the official Canadian government offering all the relevant and important details regarding visa and immigration to Canada. The website caters to all the visa and immigration programs offered by the Canadian High Commission. This website is the foremost to be visited for any program to apply for in Canada.
  • – If you have decided upon Alberta as your destination to immigrate, AlbertaCanada is the site to be visited. The website gives an overview about Alberta – right from immigration to its economy and other relevant aspects.
  • – If you want to know more about Canada before deciding upon a particular destination to relocate, we suggest you go through this site. It gives an overview about the country.
  • – Canadian High Commission has brought out a list of occupations in demand known as the National Occupation Classification. This link would give you a clear picture on whether or not your occupation is mentioned in the NOC. This would help you in taking a better decision.
  • – If you are immigrating to Canada as a skilled migrant, your application must be approved by the Labor Market Opinion (LMO). It must be proved to the LMO that there is no suitable candidate in the local Canadian population and thus, you have been hired for the job. The link above is the application form to be filled and filed in order to complete the application procedure. The guide to fill this form could be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (
  • – Workopolis is the most common job portal for the Canadians on the job hunt. This site can be important tool for those on the search for jobs in Canada.

These are the six most important sites to be visited and give due importance to the information given. However, these are not the only ones. There are many other sites which are of equal importance. So, do not stop your search here itself!

Apart from clicking on the internet, it is best to contact a visa and immigration specialist to assist you further.



  • I believe you have remarked some very interesting details , appreciate it for the post.

  • chaman lal chandra

    I have submitted my application in aug 2007 and my application is showing in process. Please advise my waiting period.

  • minesh patel

    dear sir
    i m production manager in dye industry and have a 14 year experience. i want to get PR with my family .can i get. how much time it will take.but my wife has no graduation degree.will it effect on my PR. n what is the formalities if any problem occurs .please reply soon.

  • Those with AEO can apply even if the occupation does not appear in the list of 29 occupations. New list has been introduced on 26th June,2010

  • Your local Canadian high commission. You can also visit

  • You may be able to go to Canada. What do you do? Please end your resume to [email protected]

  • We do not assist in Arranged employment offer

  • sanjeev

    Dear sir
    Under the new rules, if a person is unable to qualify for the canadian immigration, can arranged employments be arranged for the same by you

  • nisha

    i wnt to go canada…can i go thru my elder married sister..she has PR for 6 yrs ……..she is in toronto ..i m orphan

  • sir, i want to know that what is the requirement of bands after 12th in ielts? I got 5.5 bands and i applied for canada somebody said that your case could be rufuse because requirement is 6 , i am under stress … plz reply me fast i want to know ………

  • monika

    pl.tell me are there some government agencies which assist in getting PR

  • monika

    hi,m a physiotherapist wid 1 year exprience nd my husband is an MBA(marketing) wid 5 year experience can anyone help me wat all steps r to b completed by us to immigate to canada nd get PR of canada.

  • Sandeepxz

    i want to applt for canada pr i have AEO in occupation which is not on 38 occupations list, i want to nominate a occupation from 38 occupations for FSW. am i eligible to claim points while my AEO is in different occupation?

  • Currently Australian immigration processing delays for applications under process with DIAC are highly unpredictable.

  • Nasir Ali


    u mean that it will take 4 years to get a visa from Australia?
    (2008-2012)4 years
    actually they said applications will be finalized in 3rd year after processing?

  • Expect some positive development only around 2012

  • Nasir Ali

    please do advice for my future moves on my immigration process to Australia since it is more than 26 months after my successful final lodgment of my application(self applied) no any reply i have received from the department,
    my details are below mentioned:-

    Name :- Mohammed Nasir Ali
    profession:-Tool Maker
    residence:- Bangalore
    applied final application date :- 23 mar 2008 from india
    English ielts:- 5 each and 6 overall band score
    papers attached:- ielts score card original,PCC Saudi ARABIA / Dubai orginal/application and attested collage certificates.

    if you still need any more details you are welcome by the way please let me know how to proceed

  • 1) You may apply straightways. No need to wait for new list to come in
    2) Send us your latest and updated resume and we shall advise on qualification

  • namasteindia

    I am applying for canada immigration as per NOC 0213 i have sixteen experience and i am a graduate basically i have worked as administration manager and also have networking and computing skills.
    I have heard there will be new NOC from 6th may 2010 any guidance.

  • Currently high commission is taking around 18-24 months for decision AFTER updating of IRPA.

  • Kindly mail your full resume for appropriate assessment

  • Pls help me about my Refuse Case ……………..

    I m faria from bangladesh.
    Note : Refuse reason : From education grid only for 3 points i got refuse.
    My 2 years Computer Science Diploma is not counts.

    I applied in December, 2004 as a Computer Programmer in skilled migrant last i m refused in last March 2009.
    Now pls suggest me can i re-apply or not under 38 category.

    My previous job status 2000 to 2009 March as a Computer Programmer .
    after april 2009 i m promoter as IT Development Manager to still April 2010 continue.also Part time doing job another Company as a “IT Consultant” from January 2009 to April 2010 continue.

    pls tell me how many years can i get from job experience points ?

    I need help. If i Re-apply what reason to details explain will be wright in my application form. I can’t understand.



  • nimeshp

    I had applied for immigration to Canada in 2004 (Delhi Office). The updated documents/information required by them were submitted in Nov 2008. I was given to understand that i would be hearing from the high comm within a few months. It is now over a year since with no news. Based on your experience, how much longer would I have to wait to hear from them further.

  • Please send us your updated resume for free of charge assessment.

  • alicegill


    I am currently studying my PhD ( another 2 years to go) and am intersted in applying for FSW for Canada.
    My past experience includes 6 months of MCSE Trainer and 18 months of Company Trainer ( duty such as – train employees in technical knowledge for helpdesk duties).
    My question is – Does the Company trainer job falls under the 4131 NOC classification? I am not able to find any site or blog that 100% confirm this.Even though the NOC site said so, but the description given involves students.

    Have a nice day and hope you could help answering the question.


  • You should ideally apply under one NOC in which you wish your application to be considered. Cannot advise about specific application related area in the absence of your resume.

  • jatin

    as per NOC 0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers.
    Currently im working as a Senior Software Engineer and my responsibility similar to manager level.
    Is it possible to Put the file on 0213 NOC ?

    And one more thing sir, Can we show the Two NOC (NOC 0213 and NOC 4131) in one application ?

    NOC 4131 is College and Vocational Course Instructor Category .

    Waiting for positive response.

  • We need to review your complete profile ( duties and responsibilities included) to advise whether you do meet the requirements to file an application under the federal skilled worker program or not? Please send your resume and we shall advise

  • jatin

    Sir, i have completed my M.C.A on jul-2006 and i have total 3.5 years of Experience.
    Im Sr.Software Engineer in one IT company.
    I want to put my canada PR file on NOC 0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers.
    So Am i eligible to 0213 NOC as im Sr.Software Engineer and 0213 NOC category describe as a Manager level !

    Plz give me proper guidance.

  • Uday

    Iam Uday from India. I work as Second COOK for Costa Cruise Line, Italy.I have 3 to 4 years exp with Bachelor in Hotel Management.Currently iam on vacation and married recently. My wife has done her MBA. Iam planning to apply for Immigration to Canada. Recently I got a mail form a company saying that they will provide 2 year work permit for canada. The process would be:
    1) Uploading my resume on a Canada Job portal.
    2) Telephonic Interview – Job Offer
    3) LMO approval
    4) Visa fIling
    5) Departure.

    Time period – 8 to 10 months.
    I would like to know, is the above process authentic?. Please share your thoughts and enlighten me on the same.
    FYI: I have contacted your local (banglore) office on phone but due to lac of memebers in my team, iam doing extra hours and couldn’t come over there.

  • CIO is not same as HRSDC. CIO is the centralized office that has been established and operates out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Under the new application processing system for federal applicants for skilled worker program, the applications are first filed at Nova Scotia for provisional assessment. If recommended positively by Nova Scotia CIO, then the applicants files for the final approval and visa stamping process at nearest visa post

  • We are not aware of any process where PR applicants files are sent to HRSDC. You may be applying for work permit or AEO and that is where HRSDC will come in. Is that what you are referring to?


    i am a pr applicant files have been sent to hrsdc…how can i confirm that they have accepted my files or not?…is cio and hrsdc the same?..

  • You are right. HR does not figure into 38 occupation list. Lots however, depends on jobs duties and responsibilities. For example a company trainer might find a way into immigration system, even if he is into HR. Please send me detailed resume of self and spouse to [email protected] and we shall advise further. Also you could look at Denmark as an immigration destination.

  • hiron

    I completed BBA Management, MBA (Human Resource Management) from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. I am doing job HRD Officer since 4 years. My wife also done MA on social Science and doing job as counselor. Am i eligible for canadian imigrant. Recent HR not job listed. When would be inclided?Please inform me

  • 1. Which country do you wish to immigrate to?
    2. Please send your resume and if married, your spousal resume for assessment as well.

  • plz sent me visa immigration application

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