Top Five Reasons Why Denmark is a Popular Immigration Destination

A democratic country with several liberties guaranteed by the constitution, Denmark is becoming one of the most coveted immigration countries. If you are wondering why Denmark tops the choice of so many immigrants nowadays, read through the given five reasons that will give you the answer to your question:

  1. Lack of skilled workers – With a vast majority of Denmark’s workforce on the verge
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    others. Hence, better work opportunities are in store when you immigrate to Denmark. The country also boasts of one of the highest GDP figures in the world. You may check out the latest in-demand list of occupations for Denmark and seek assistance from an experienced immigration consultant for further guidance.

  2. Egalitarian society – Tolerance for all minorities and equality between men and women makes it a more positive place to live in that is free from any bias.
  3. Reputed education system – Denmark’s education system has won great repute since the ancient times when education system has not been developed well in any of the other countries. It also provides a plethora of options to immigrants to choose from, for good universities and schools.
  4. Better public services – Denmark citizens enjoy enhanced social security system throughout their lives. Education, childcare and health care services are all made available for free, as it is paid through taxes only.
  5. World’s happiest place – Failure must not be considered synonymous to dishonor in Denmark. Individual freedom and value of time is also appreciated a lot by Danes. Probably these are the few reasons why Denmark has been chosen as the happiest place on Earth, according to two different surveys for two consecutive years.

Once you have made up your for Denmark immigration, seeking advice of an able immigration specialist would be the best way to ensure a smooth and carefree immigration to your new home in Denmark.



  • Md. Abdul Halim

    I am a graduate civil engineer with 15 years experience. I am above 40. Is it possible to be immigrant to Denmark


  • Md. Rezaul Karim

    Hello Sir,

    Could anybody suggest me if there any Bangladeshi at Denmark who could get me suggestions on migrating to Denmark.

    Please anybody get me his email address and contact number.



  • jensina

    i wanna go to denmark but how it is possible,pls inform me.

  • Shafiq

    Hello Sir,

    Could anybody suggest me if there any Bangladeshi at Denmark who could get me suggestions on migrating to Denmark.

    Please anybody get me his email address and contact number.


    [email protected]

  • Mizan

    Dear Concern
    I am in Bangladesh.Do you have any representative in Bangladesh who can guide me in processing the documents.

    Best Regards


    I,m a Dentist 4yrs Degree in a 1yr Internee 2yrs experience about that So my questioned that how I qualified for permanent residence in Denmark
    plse tell me in details and how I contact you for counseling thanks and have good day

  • Compon

    I am Compon. I have completed MBA. Want to go Denmark. How i possible.

  • Sufal Chandra Goldar

    I am Sufal Chandra Goldar from Bangladesh . I have completed my B.Sc Engineering(Mechanical) in 2007. Now i am doing M.engg in BUET .I am doing job also in Sonali Bank Ltd as Assistant engineer(Mechanical). I have 3 years job experience. All of medium of education are English. I need ur help and suggestions.

    Sufal Chandra Goldar
    E-mail:[email protected]

  • shuvo

    I am shuvo. i have completed B.Sc in Textile engeering and now worked as a merchandiser in a FCI(BD). i wanna go to denmark. tell me what i have to do now. pls reply

  • Kamrun Nahar

    I am Kamrun Nahar. Recently finished my M.Pharm(Pharmaceutical Technology),B.Pharm(Pharmaceutical Science), i have an international publication.i wanna go denmark. pls tll me how can it be possible?

  • Denmark: small country; limited opportunties. Best look for other immigration destinations. Send your and spousal resume to [email protected] for precise advise

  • sunita lobo

    hi i am housewife and i am interested to apply for pr for denmark. can i will get work there. my age is 42 years,my husband is a government employee. he cant come. pl guide me. i have two children .

  • Please send us your resume and we shall advise you on each query


    i want to immigration/ green card processing lawer/ consultant from bangladesh to go denmark, canada, sweeden, cell:88-01716993547

  • Ms. Neha shah

    hello sir, I have completed the course of M.Com. I get 6 band in IELTS. I am going to apply for denmark greencard visa. Am I elegible for visa? Presentely I am wrking in National Insurance company as Marketing Manager ( Insurance Agent) since last 8 years. I am 29 years old. Can I get visa if I apply in denmark? What is the fees at the time of submission of Application? I know Visa fees but don”t know about fees of submission of Application. Interview is possible in my case?
    How much time is taken by visa embassy after submission of application?

  • syam


    This is syam from Hyderabad. I applied Greencard Scheme last year (Dec) and i got mail regarding the Scheduled interview in the next month(may 2010) . I got IELTS score 5.0 . and could u please give me any tips and suggestions to my interview? it gives a lot of help for me…

  • Hamidur Rahman

    I am a dentist from Bangladesh.i’ve completed 4 year bachelor degree with 1 year internship,and 2 year work experience.i’ve no IELTS.Am i qualified for denmark immigration

  • anilkothur

    Immigration to denmark

  • Considering long queue and high number of highly qualified candidates, it is strongly suggested that you undergo another IELTS test and improve on your score

  • mostrofah

    I am a citizen of Bangladesh, my name is Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman , I would like to apply for immigration in Denmark. I have completed Four Years Integrated Degree of B.Com. With Honors in Marketing as well as Masters of Business Studies ( M.B.S) (Marketing) and I have been working as a “Marketing Executive” in a esteemed company for three years. I have obtained 4.5 Band Score of IELTS. Shall I be able to apply for Immigration in Denmark?

  • IELTS is not compulsory and you may submit an English write-up. But then you will leave the discretion to assess your language skills levels to the case officer. Doing that is mighty risky and application may face refusal though it is qualified in other criteria. Giving IELTS is HIGHLY recommended

  • lajvanth

    hi all…

    Is there any one gone thru the denmark process…
    Plz help me..
    Does IELTS mandatory.. i work for MNC in SAP with 2yrs of hands on experience..

    I have all other doc’s except IELTS.. plz experts tell me weather its mandatory or not cause some consultancy say its mandatory and some say its not mandatory….

    waiting for your answers

  • green card visa

    Denmark’s lack of skilled workers can prove to be beneficial to qualified individuals from developing countries. It seems that Denmark is offering green card visas to qualified individuals to take on the roles of healthcare workers, IT professionals, civil engineers, and communication officials. Denmark appears to be a highly developed and happy place to live.

  • Dear Mr. Ahmed,

    Send us your resume at [email protected] and we will assess it as per selection criteria for Denmark Green Card!

  • Monir Ahmed

    I am too much interested to get into immigrant in denmark.

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