Travel to United States–Know How To Do It With Ease & Speed!

Are you overseas immigration inspired and wondering which destination to move to, for a short period of time, for pleasure/sightseeing or getting medical treatment? Well, if yes, travel to United States!

Perhaps, you will not get a better overseas destination than the USA. As one of the biggest and maybe most diverse nations in the world, this widely visited overseas hotspot has a very high number of tourist spots, extending from the New York and Chicago skyscrapers, to the Yellowstone and Alaska natural wonders to the crystal-clear beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii.

Travel to United States

Travel to United States

For you specific object, the non-immigrant B1/B2 Visa will be great for you. With this easy-to-get-visa, you can easily and speedily travel to United States.

It comes with a validity time-frame that ranges from 1 month to 10 years. With this visa you can make numerous entries into the nation though with each visit you cannot spend more than six months in the country at a stretch.

Tourist Visa To the USA–How To Apply?

If you located in India, as per the requirements, you will have to fill up the DS-160 Visa application form and answer each and every question given on there in if you want to travel to United States with a Tourist Visa.

Put your signature on the form electronically after uploading a passport-size picture with, and then present it.

Within just 48 hours after the submission of the form you can pay the visa processing charges.

After you have presented your application, take a print out of the DS-160 confirmation page that has the barcode. Keep this document safely till you eventually land in the USA.

In the wake of the application submission, you have to face two interviews. Hence, book appointments soon post presenting your visa petition!

The first interview will be held to gather your fingerprints and photograph. It will be a brief procedure and won’t take over 10 minutes. Reach the place of interview a little before the programmed time slot.

The second and more crucial interview will be conducted to collect additional details about you. Through the course of the interview, phones, electronic devices, and any kind of bags will not be permitted inside the room of the official interviewing you. You can step inside only with your forms and certificates/papers.

In the course of the second interview, the concerned immigration official will try to figure out how would you actually you’re your expenses and fund your trip, what will be the actual period of your visit, and what is the real purpose behind your USA trip. You will get to know about the outcome of the interview then and there after you have faced the interview.

So this is how you can Travel to United States easily and speedily! If you want more information or assistance, you are most welcome to contact us!


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