So what if you face UK Removal Notice?

You are fully entitled to be served with a ‘Removal Notice’ from UK border agency, especially in that situation when you access the country either without getting leave or expiration of your existing leaves. Besides, if you have violated the conditions under which you have been granted leaves, you may again face the removal notice. UK border agency is an authorized body to ask you for leaving the country in any of the above circumstances.

Once you receive a ‘Removal Notice’, you have to leave the country as soon as possible. The deportation order is meant to be served to foreign nationals who are involved into illegal practices or living in the UK illegally. As under the section 362 (Of the United Kingdom Immigration Rules), deportation of an illegal immigrant is valid and he/she needs to leave the country as soon as possible, if they get such notice.

Moreover, once you face the deportation, you will be debarred even from re-entering the country as long as the detention is in process. Besides, the detention also invalidates any leave for entering into the UK or remain in the country during the removal notice is made or in force.

The occupants however have full right to challenge the decision of Removal notice. But, they alone can’t take such challenge in their hands as deportation is fully a legal matter. So, they can hire a well qualified and expert immigration lawyer to get the assistance in challenging the decision.

However, you will not get much time to deal with such issues, once notice is issued. So, you require getting in touch with a renowned immigration consultant in the country and choosing them as soon as possible, when such situation arises.

Here are the most prominent reasons that may initiate the deportation issue.

a) When a foreign citizen is found of doing illegal practices or other offences
b) When an individual continues their stay in the UK even after expiration of their visas
c) When their immigration applications are refused

So, you need to handle the situation properly by hiring the most reputed law firm that has a team of well qualified and experienced barristers and solicitors to help you by handling your case properly. They will make you remain stay in the country by finding an important way.

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