Want to Move to EU? Choose UK Entrepreneur Programme!

Ever since the global meltdown happened in 2008, the world economy took a wrath of speculation, profiteering and optimism that put countries into doldrums, and to no surprise, the European Union (EU) was not alien to it. Though many countries recovered, the impact of the global recession took the EU’s economy to a decade back point.

To fix the mess, many economies in the EU introduced new programmes that can attract investors and attract them to undertake investments. The UK Entrepreneur Scheme is one such initiative that the UK Government has crafted to fix the economy that has faced a severe mess in all these days.

This programme is simple, yet it is very challenging. Are you are looking forward to the UK this summer, and as an enthusiastic investor, you want to make your money as the ticket that can help you not just land in UK but also settle? If you have such pursuit burning in your head, UK Entrepreneur Programme can be the resort that you are hunting for. This programme helps investors to come to the nation, undertake investments, benefit the economy, and at the end, get residency. It is a win-win situation from both ends.

If you want to get a grasp of the UK Entrepreneur Programme, then this piece can help you in all possible ways. The scheme allows the applicant to take this visa for movement and he can also take his family along. In the first case, the entrepreneur can stay for a period of four months.

However, the stay can be extended two years and he can take dependent family along to the overseas hotspot using the visa. The basic requirement of this style of permit is very simple. You can score at maximum six bands in the ILETS test to streamline the process.

The programme also provides the leverage to claim for British nationality. But, the first criterion is that you must apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) first, and after the ILR gets accepted, you can apply for British nationality. The basic requirement is that you can only apply for ILR if you have lived for five years in the nation.

Those immigrants taking the leverage of the UK Entrepreneur Programme must spend 2, 00,000 pound in setting up a new business in the nation. Generally, more preference is given to those investors who are making the investment in such areas that have faced severe job loss, and the growth in those areas has turned stagnant. If the investor is taking investments, there then the visa can get processed and approved real quick. The programme also demands that you generate two full time employment and the employees should be British nationals.

So, if you are looking forward to the EU as a safe haven for investment, you can always count on the UK Entrepreneur Programme to carve-out a way that can help you move instantly to this place.


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