Understanding Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme Decisive For Successful Immigration

Canada has a lot to promise to those who have been immigrating, and it has not so far disappointed anyone. If you go by the record, the quality of life, job opportunities and government participation towards bettering the prospects have been astounding. It is on account of such proactive involvement and participation that the migrants from across the globe have connected so well with the Maple Leaf Country.

Even the Canadian immigration body, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) has taken bold reforms to help immigrants in the best way. But often the programmes are not helping the immigrants to move without a problem. If you take a look at the Express Entry, so far some 1, 12,701 profiles have been completed for immigration and another 41,218 candidates are waiting in the pool.

Such is the competition that many of the candidates are withdrawing their application. It is a cause of concern for both the nation and the immigrants from overseas. There is a need for some reforms and out-of-the-box immigration plans to help the immigrants. The Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) has come up as a respite.

Under the IRCC, bold reforms have been adopted but the impact is restricted to an extent. The “Expression of Interest” or “Express Entry” programme has left little room for those immigrants that are semi-skilled. Though it is good for the economy that only the best immigrants are able to make it through to Canada, it has become challenging for the immigrants to look beyond the Express Entry programme.

The Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) are not suitable for all the applicants and they want the best alternatives that can help them if the Express Entry is not.

Well, for such immigrants who have been distressed by the complexities and draconian requirements of the Express Entry, there is another gateway that can help them get into Canada easily without much drama and struggle. Through the PNP the immigrants aspiring for the overseas hotspot can move easily.

What is Provincial Nominee Programme?

It could be leveled as a backdoor entry program and it allows all the provinces in the country to come up with their own requirement. It might be the case that the requirement of the nation as the whole would be different with respect to the province. So, if the provinces opine that they need some kind of investment or skilled workers for different sectors, they can nominate the right person from the Express Entry pool, and nominate them for the respective investment or business work. Generally, the programme is independent of the Express Entry procedure and every province can make the necessary changes as per their demand.

Manitoba Immigration

Which Province is best as of now? It would definitely depend upon the opportunities, work environment, policies and government interference and Manitoba fares well in all these respect. You can get the best out of your investment and skills in Manitoba.

So, let’s answer the immigrants that why Manitoba is their ultimate dream destination!

From commutation to workplace, basic cost of living economic diversification to climatic conditions, you get everything streamlined to perfection at Manitoba. There is nothing that has been left out and that wouldn’t entice you to move to the region. The PNP for Manitoba is the best way that you can plan out to move to Canada this summer.

Manitoba Invitation

Under this programme, the province can select any applicant from the Express Entry pool and ask them to move to the province.

To streamline the exploratory visit, the applicants are required to meet with the following requirements:

  • Be between 21 and 45 years of age
  • Demonstrate that they do not have a stronger connection to a province other than Manitoba
  • Demonstrate employability and adaptability
  • Hold at least a one-year, post-secondary certificate or training diploma, degree or certificate
  • Have at least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years
  • Demonstrate the ability to find a job in Manitoba in intended occupation (including plans to achieve licensing/certification, if necessary)
  • Provide a Settlement Plan that demonstrates a genuine intention and ability to become established in the region
  • Provide General Training IELTS test scores from within the past two years, scoring at least 5 in each category

Manitoba Support Stream

Under it, the skilled workers would be called to work and stay in Manitoba. It is crucial to secure 60 out of 100 in the MPNP selection grid. Once done with that then you can move to Manitoba under the MPNP programme. The assessment would be made based on age, experience, language proficiency and educational qualification and adaptability.


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