Understanding Points Structure for Hong Kong Immigration

For those enthusiastic and positively charged people–willing to make their life swing on the pillion of growth, development and better standard of living–Hong Kong is perhaps the place that would ensure that all these aspirations and much more are fulfilled in the best possible and the most fruitful way.

As this Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China–as the name suggests–under the administration of China, and it has the best quality of life, kissing sky-lines, viable and rewarding jobs, besides fast-paced life, people representing different ethnicity, region, and religions are highly enthused to move to this country, for a better and superior future.

To ensure that many dreams successfully materialize this year, the concerned visa & immigration authorities in Hong Kong have flexed their muscles only to introduce the well-known points system for Hong Kong immigration. The crux of the story is that under the system, you can get your visas approved instantly, and at a rather fast pace.

You need to achieve a certain benchmark for facilitating your overseas movement to this thriving and highly developed city-state, which has a large number of Indian people on its territories. If you go by parameters, then the minimum points that you have to score are 80 points, out of 165 up for grabs, to help ease your overseas movement to the country.

As the economy is already stuffed with population–to keep a tab on the movement, and make certain that only skilled migrants can only move to this country–the concerned immigration authorities have adopted the system where points for Hong Kong immigration is the key parameter to determine your movement.

Now let’s take a quick sneak glance at how the points based system works for facilitating the movement!

If you come in the age group between 18-39 years, and you have gone for movement to the country, then you get straightway 30 points for getting your visa duly approved. At the same time, if you are aged between 45-50 to 51 or above, you will not get any special points for movement. It means if you are young, you have an edge over those who are older to you.

At the same time, if you are into any kind of profession and academic qualification, then you will get 45 points straightway, provided you have a Doctoral Degree. In case you have a Masters Degree, then you get 35 points for your credentials. It means higher educational qualifications could fetch you valuable points.

For veterans, there are also some special privileges granted for facilitating the movement. For example, if you have 10 years of experience, in any specified programme, as per your degree, then you get 50 vital points while filing or filing a petition for Hong Kong visa.

The point based system also takes in the reckoning your language skills. Hence–in case you are highly proficient with writing and reading English, Chinese and Mandarin–then you have leverage to be enjoyed while filing a petition under the points based system.

The points for Hong Kong immigration will increase exponentially, if you possess an excellent command over English. If you talk about the city-state, then you must keep in mind that the demand for the person with an excellent command over English is high as the number of those who are have a good command over the language are comparatively less in this part of the world.

There are also some additional, but crucial, points granted for those who have someone from their family in the Hong Kong region. Five points are awarded to married spouse, parents, sibling and children living in this country. At the same time, the person with education similar to degree equivalent to his immediate spouse gets an additional 5 points during the movement. Therefore, in case you are moving to Hong Kong, this year then you must keep a tab on the points based system.


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