Unlawful Immigration to US Balloons

In a key development, some researchers have reportedly made an educated guess that the striking decrease in unauthorized immigration to the US–during the stretched economic meltdown–has come to an end even while the figure of immigrants in the nation unlawfully went upwards to become 11.7 million during the year gone by, i.e., in 2012 from the previous 11.3 million in 2009.

The figure of the prohibited aliens had headed north over many years from a high of 12.2 million in 2007. Aliens from outside of Mexico were mainly behind the new growth. Allegedly, with the slump coming to an end, the reduction in prohibited immigration has concluded, and the proof, including increased uneasiness of the outsiders at the US border, has inspired the researchers to conjecture in a fresh report that prohibited immigration is heading north once more.

Limp Job Market

However, some observers claim it’s uncertain if the figure of the illegal migrants would bounce back to the 2007 high, to a certain extent because long-term shifts in the economy of the neighboring Mexico’s economy are putting-off emigration. Allegedly, labour demand in the US is still not something to go town with even as salaries are corroding. On the other hand, Mexico has a good number of jobs, and salaries therein are slowly but gradually becoming better. Besides, the work force of Mexico is aging, making the employees not too inspired with the idea of embarking on the difficult voyage across the US borders, observers claim.

Significantly, an all-inclusive Immigration overhaul bill–which would offer legal standing to some of the unlawful aliens in the US–has been halted in the US House of Representatives. And, in the meanwhile, the US President has reportedly employed his executive powers to offer temporary lawful status to some unregistered migrants brought to the nation as kids.

Some researchers have made an educated guess that the remarkable reduction in unauthorized immigration to the US, during the stretched economic meltdown, has concluded.


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