US Declares New Border Scheme With Canada

Reportedly, on 5 June, 2012, Mrs. Janet Napolitano, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, declared the release of the Northern Border Strategy (NBS). This Strategy was designed to provide necessary guidance to the DHS policies and operations regarding the US-Canada border security.

The said report has also revealed that the Homeland Security Department of US is expecting the NBS to provide a framework to enhance security while accelerating legalized travel and trade all through the region of US and Canada border. The officials of DHS said that the Northern Border Strategy is the first Department-wide strategy that provides guidance regarding the policies and operations at the border of US-Canada.

In this connection, Mrs. Napolitano was quoted as saying that the border of U.S-Canada is the longest common border across the world. With businesses and people that reach both the border sides, the security and economy of these nations are inextricably connected. The NBS provides a unified framework for the effective function of the Department, focusing on the security enhancement and resiliency alongside the Northern border while accelerating legalized travel and trade with the Maple Country.

The Northern Border Strategy mentioned three major objectives for the security of US-Canada border:

  • To deter and prevent illegal migration, human trafficking, smuggling and terrorism;
  • To provide safeguard and encourage the effective flow of legalized businesses, travel and immigration; and
  • To ensure stability in the community prior to, during, and post terrorist attacks and other such tragedies.

The Department of Home Security of US believes that it can have advance security operations by separation of lower-risk traffic from higher-risk traffic, making use of latest information, and checking individuals and goods passing the border at the initial stage. The DHS expressed that they will coordinate with both the nations for mutual efforts with a purpose to facilitate easy travel and trade.

However, this plan is not appreciated by everybody. Some critics say that Mrs. Janet Napolitano might be intending to divert the focus from the Southern Border with Mexico.

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