Are You Motivated With US EB-5 Business Investor Visa?

Do you know that even in the US there are few specific areas which are suffering from unemployment, and to fix those areas is the most challenging task of the nation? The US under the Proposal of the Congress in 1990 has drafted a new immigration policy.

Under it, the individuals, who want to get an instant immigration tUS PR Visao the nation, will have to go for an initial investment in those areas which are lagging behind in development and job creation. The Targeted Employment Area (TEA) provides opportunities to the immigrants to invest and get Permanent Residency (PR) in the country in return.

Employment Based Permanent Residence EB 5 Business Investors, the visas which have been turning things in the good direction for the US economy, has garnered a whopping sum of 3.58 billion dollars and created almost 41, 000 jobs in the country in the calendar year 2013.

The direct impact of the visa was truly unprecedented with 16, 642 direct jobs being created by the investments coming from this visa. At the same time, the visa also catered to indirect employment, by creating rough 10,115 onboard vacancies.

Take a look at the real time estimates of districts which have been benefitted from the EB-5 Business Investor Visa!

The list summarizes the investment in some of the districts which were focused for creating more job opportunities:

District and Code Investment Infusion
CA34 US$149,000,000
NY07 US$122,500,000
TX30 US$116,145,833
MD02 US$99,089,286
DC01 US$110,142,857
NV01 US$108,000,000
CA33 US$43,200,000
FL22 US$95,000,000
NY12 US$63,458,333
ID02 US $25,937,500
NY14 US$40,833,333
NY10 US$40,833,333
NY17 US$40,833,333
NY08 US$ $40,833,333
VA11 US$ $40,833,333
CO02 US$ 35,000,000
CA51 US$ 34,333,333
CA27 US$ 33,500,000
VT01 US$ 20,937,500
TX32 US$ 30,625,000
AL07 US$ 24,000,000
WI04 US$23,625,000
CA47 US$23,600,000
CA37 US$5,900,000
FL21 US$ 23,500,000


The list of states with their district and county code summarize the investments which have been infused through the EB-5 Business Investor Visa. The promising stature of the visa has made it one of the most promising gateways to the overseas hotspot. But as an immigrant, if one is looking forward to this visa, there are few requirements which have to be catered in the first place.

The history of the visa has also been promising and over the period of time it has shown unprecedented improvements. Earlier, this visa used to have a specific cap. However, over the period, the cap has been removed and the numbers are exponentially rising.

In the year 2003, under the EB-5 Visa programme, roughly 1300 visas were processed and approved from an abysmally low number of 64 in 2003. There has been some 9,228 Employment Based Permanent Residence-EB-5 Business Investors who are able to move to the country.

Fate of the Visa

This visa has been a promising gateway for attracting investors and infusing funds in the economy. However, the government has been closely scrutinizing the visa and some in efficiencies have been brought into the picture by the Department of Homeland Security.

The assessment and monitoring part is a miss out in the visa which has further aggravated the situation. Under the visa programme, there were some specific things missing in the data backup. The name, date of birth has not been recorded in the visa programme and this has led to inefficiencies in the searches.

Hence, the Congressional Committee has decided to do away with the visa programme, and they have set up a deadline of September 30, 2016 as the last date for the scrapping of the visa.

However, there has been discussions going on over this visa programmes and aspiring immigrants must follow up on any developments which have been coming up in the meantime. With Senate turning ambivalent over the visa programme, it would be a tough decision to make whether this visa will be fully operational.

Recommendation for the Seekers

Those who are seeking this visa would do well to hire good immigration consultants who can inform about any developments in this visa programme, and help make the movement easy for them. The visa demands roughly 1 million or 5, 00,000 dollar investment with the creation of 10 full time permanent jobs.


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