Decoding Family Based Green Card for US Immigration

The US has always been a country that has captivated the attention of most people from different countries of the world. However, the most difficult pursuit for anyone is to successfully make it to this much liked and widely preferred renowned immigration hotspot.

But those immigrants–who were lucky enough to move before the 9/11 incident, and they were not required to go through all the hassles and troubles of the USCIS, the governing body in the nation that checks immigration–have got the opportunity to unite with their family using the Family Based Green Card for US Immigration.

It is a given thing that family is a driving and motivating force. And, as long as someone is close to their family, they are rejuvenated and revived in the best possible ways to fight with all odds. Even in the books of record, there were many immigrants who held reputed and determining position in the US. But, due to complexities of the immigration and inabilities to easily unite with their immediate family, they left lucrative opportunities and high paid jobs to live with their family.

Hence, to check this trend, the USCIS took a bold initiative, and introduced the Family Based Green Card for US Immigration. This is an unprecedented programme, and under the Family Based Green Card Scheme, you can sponsor any of your dependent family members to get into the country and live with you.

But this kind of movement is not that simple like other forms of movement to the nation. You will have to go through a great deal of challenges to invoke the right amount of trust in the minds of the concerned immigration authorities, so that they allow you to sponsor any of your family member to end up living in the overseas hotspot.

So, let’s understand the programme and dig out how immigration is made possible under it!

This kind of immigration is sponsored through a lottery scheme. The scheme ensures movement based on asylum and investment based immigration. In both these cases, you will get the chance to sponsor your family member who can get the chance to move to the nation. But you must make one thing sure that you meet with the required parameters that the Family Based Green Card for US Immigration seeks.

Family Based Green Card for US Immigration Requirements

  • In the first place, you can sponsor any of your family members only if you are a legal US citizen.
  • You should have a qualifying relationship with the family member (in most of the cases parents, spouse and dependent children are considered), and they should fall in the same bloodline.
  • You should be ready to sponsor your relative for lawful petition under I-130.

You should prove that you are financially strong enough to support their stay, and check that your relatives and family member live 125% above the average poverty level of the nation.


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