What Is US Family Based Green Card, How To File For It?

It is fact that not everyone can really make it to the US, but the desire, frankly speaking, is, more or less, in everyone who doesn’t belong to this country.

It is always a fascinating feeling that one is associated with the most powerful country in the world, isn’t it? At the same time, the lucrative job opportunities, better living standards, good education, amazing infrastructure, and suUS Immigration Visa Servicesperior healthcare services provide a balanced approach to everything that one would like to have for consideration.

But the most challenging thing about the US is the right visas which can help streamline the movement. If one hasĀ  the right visas, there will be no looking back even as one can easily move to the overseas hotspot without much hassle, but to get the Green Card and Permanent Residency (PR) is as difficult as getting the visa.

Family based Green Card is one of the most promising gateways to move instantly to the US. If one is wondering about the Family Based Green Card, it is important for them to know what it actually is.

Family Based Green Card

The US actively delves into ensuring every citizen the right to peace, liberty and pursuit of happiness as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Liberty is rightfully guaranteed to the individuals who steps into the American soil, but peace and pursuit of happiness is something which lies in the hands of the people.

People can only have peace and the right to be happy when they are with their near and dear ones. If one has been working in the immigration hotspot from a considerable period of time and they have got the permanent resident status, they are entitled to sponsor their family member to the country. They just need the Family Based Green Card to make sure that the near and dear one is able to move to the United States.

How to File for Green Card?

If one has been in the nation as a citizen of the country, such an individual can instantly sponsor any of the close blood relations to the US PR status by sponsoring such an individual under the Green Card scheme.

The following person who wants to sponsor their blood relatives will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The Permanent Resident member will have to file for the I-130 Form for the alien relative. Once the filing has been approved, the petitioner will have to switch to the next step in the application process.
  • In the next step, the petitioner will apply for the adjustment of the status of the relative. The adjustment happens upon fulfilling all the requirements under the visa category, and the department of the immigration accepting it.

Categories Rightfully Considered for Green Card Visa Programme

  • Minor of the Petitioner: The minor of the person who has been given the American Citizenship can call their children to take up the citizenship of America. But at the time of filing for the Green Card for the relative or children, the person must not be above 18 years of age.
  • Spouse of the Petitioner: The individual living in the nation can ask the spouse to come to the country and adjust their status accordingly. However, it is important that the person is there in the nation for a temporary visit.

Categories Not Considered for Visa Programme

21 years of Age: A child who has turned 21 and his parents hail from the US, such person will not be given the Green Card status even though their parents have the same.

Child Status Protection Act: The act was implemented by the congress to keep a tab on the ageing of the child due to delay in the processing of the visa. So, if the children of the immigrants are ageing out due to delay in the process beyond accepted level, the Child Status Protection Act will ensure that the children of the immigrants get the residency status without any contention.


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