USA Family Green Card Visa—Requirements, Categories

If you had a strong penchant for the USA and your dreams have come true, and it has been awhile since you have been living in the country, you can even convert the dream of your family moving to the immigration hotspot into reality.

The USA Family Green Card Visa programme is there to help your family members get Green Card Visa for permanent movement to the nation. The government had come across problems where the immigrants found it hard to concentrate on their work which severely hampered the prospect of the productivity.

So, the way out was to let the family member of the citizenship holder–who have come from some alien land–also enjoy the benefit of being felicitated as a US citizen. So, the Family Green Card Visa became a reality. If you also have US Citizenship and you are a Green Card holder, you can also sponsor your relative to come and live in the nation as a permanent citizen.

Visa Categories

Permanent Residency (PR) can be granted to the immediate family member of these kinds of visa holders:

EB-1: The EB-1 visa holders, who have been sponsored by their employer to move to the country and work there, can also avail Green Card for their dependent relatives.

EB-2: If you have advanced degree and a valid job offer from any US company, and they have granted you permanent residence in their country, you become eligible to sponsor your dependent family member to come to the nation and live as a US citizen.

EB-3: The EB-3 holders–who have mastered a respective skill that is in high demand in the United States and they have got a valid job along with citizenship–are also eligible to call their family member as per the USA Family Green Card Visa scheme. Under this scheme, the family of the incumbent can seek Green Card Visa and live in the country.

However, not everyone gets to sponsor their immediate interest for a Family Based Green Card sponsorship for the USA. If you are sponsoring your family members and dependent, then you must qualify certain basic essentials that would help streamline the application for Green Card Visa for your family members.

Key Requirements

Take a quick look at the requirements that the immigration authorities would seek in the overseas hotspot.

1. If you are sponsoring your family, then you should be a US citizen in the first place. You must have a US citizenship to enjoy the benefit of sponsoring your family.

2. You cannot nominate anyone; the person that you are nominating for Green Card Visa should be close in your bloodline.

3. It is imperative to provide a proof of your capability to support that person if he moves to the USA under Family Green Card Visa programme.


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