US H-1B Visa Category—Benefits, Requirements

Almost every one dreams of working in the US at least once in their life. An experience of working in a country like the US will certainly brighten your CV and possibilities are you will get better employment opportunities in your own country.

When it comes to immigration, a large number of people choose to immigrate to the US over any other nation. The main reason: it has the world’s largest leading economy which assures better job opportunities to the deserving applicants.US Immigration Visa Services

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) offer multiple immigration paths–both for temporary and permanent residence. If you wish to live and work in the immigration hotspot and you are employed by a US employer, on a temporary basis in a special occupation, then you will have to submit a petition for the H-1B Visa which is non immigrant in nature and a dual intent visa.

H-1B Visa Category

Under the category, temporary employers are hired for a fixed period of six years by only those organizations/companies which have a Federal identification Number/IRS Tax number in a special occupation, such as engineer, scientist, financial analyst, or architect.

The US employee must file a Labor Condition Application (LAC) with the Department of Labor and should also file a non immigrant petition, i.e., form I-129 along with supporting documents and H supplement.

H-1B Visa Category is the most easiest and eminent option that helps employers to recruit the best available brains. It allows international skilled workers to live and work in the country for a fixed period of six years which will easily make the way for them to submit a petition of much desired Permanent Residency (PR).

H-1B Visa—Key Benefits

Following are some of the benefits enjoyed by the visa holders:

  1. Till the time your visa is valid, you enjoy the liberty of travelling in and out of the country any number of time.
  2. At the time of submitting the application, it is not mandatory to uphold a foreign place of abode; neither are you required to prove that you have an intention to return to your native nation.
  3. As long as your visa stands valid, your dependents travelling with you can stay in the country.

H-1B Visa—Key Requirements

To qualify, both employers and employee have certain set of eligibility criteria to meet.

For Employers

To be able to sponsor a foreign employee the US employer must meet following criteria

  • A higher degree for the specific job is the basic requirement.
  • The vacant position requires a specific course of study which is directly related to the position.
  • The position requires theoretical as well as practical knowledge which can be duly obtained by studying in an institute of higher studies.

For Workers

To be able to qualify the employees must meet the following criteria:

  • Should hold a higher degree along with the relevant experience required for the position.
  • The applicant must be recognized as an expert in the specific position.

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