Have US L-1 Visa? Apply for Citizenship!

Almost every individual aspires to live a prosperous life even if it means relocating to a foreign country. Talking of overseas destinations, the US is over and over again seen as an extremely well developed country which does not only offer high standard of living but also quality lifestyle due to numerous factors.

It has high expectancy rate also and therefore it is a hot immigration destination. Many a times people visit the destination on a temporary visa but get rather influenced by its thriving economy, excellent infrastructure, progressive surroundings and wonderful professional opportunities and they wish to become US Citizens. For such professionals, L-1 Visa is a perfect choice.USA Immigration Visa Service

Citizenship of US & L-1 Visa

For L-1 Visa holders, it is possible to acquire US citizenship but it may be a lengthy process on the way to US citizenship. L-1 Visa holders need to keep patience. But let’s just find out what L-1 Visa actually is? It is basically a non immigrant category and most suitable for those working as executives or who have managerial posts.

It is also known as intra-company transferee visa and is time and again used to transfer Executives or Managers to its branch office in the US from an overseas office. The permit allows professionals of such designation to come to the country and establish a branch office.

The USCIS, the concerned visa and immigration body, issues 1-year permit to establish a branch/subsidiary office, and if it is more than one year old, then the USCIS approves I-129 petition and visa is issued for a period of three years.

On request, the validity of the visa is extended for a period of two years. It can be extended for up to seven years. L-1 Visa holder is also eligible to submit an application for Green Card or Permanent Residency (PR) soon after one year they have lived and worked in the country on L-1 Visa that too without Labor Certification.

How Citizenship of US & L-1 Visa go hand in hand!

Frankly speaking, it’s not that simple to acquire US citizenship even if you have L-1 Visa which is temporary in nature. The whole process is systematic and it covers many steps. Though if you are living and working in the US on L-1 Visa, then certainly it’s much easier as compared to other temporary categories.

L-1 Visa Benefits

As an L-1 Visa holder you enjoy these benefits:

  • Working as a manager or executive you get relaxation to get through the lengthy labor certification process to obtain a Green Card. Once you have lived and worked in the highly loved overseas immigration destination, for at least three years as a Green Card holder, you may present an application for the US Citizenship.
  • The applicant is covered by the doctrine of dual intent.

From L-1 Visa you may easily shift to the employment based Green Card category and some of the options are EB1, EB2, and EB3. You will get the advantage of already working in the country. Under the new visa category, your employer will file a petition on your behalf.

To be eligible and qualified, it is important that you have worked as a Executive or Manager for at least one year during the last three years before you come to the country and in the US you are assigned a similar designation by the subsidiary/branch office.

To help you get Green Card your US employer or boss, on your behalf, will have to go through the labor certification process or ‘PREM’ and your visa application will be filled using USICS Form l-140 attached with multiple documents. Once your application is duly approved, you will have to submit a separate application to acquire Green Card and thereafter you will be called for an interview.

If you become a Green Card holder and have lived and worked in the country for three years you may submit a petition for the US citizenship.



  • Alpana

    This inquiry regarding visa for US after marrying a boy who is working in US and having green card.
    My daughter is Indian citizen and working in India, but the boy (groom) is working in US and is a green card holder.
    so just wanted to be clear how can my daughter go and work in US and how much time will take to get visa and what type of visa.
    I would appreciate a reply from you.

    • Immigration Experts

      Dear Alpana,

      If Boy is green card holder of US, then he can apply for Spouse visa for your daughter after marriage. This generally has a waiting period two years to get the immigrant visa.

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