Use Denmark Immigration Skilled Occupation List 2014

Denmark–well-known the world over as a very friendly country–invites migrants and the Denmark immigration skilled occupation list 2014 helps the aspiring migrants by providing all the necessary information. There won’t be anything wrong if we call this occupation list as a positive list.

The list is designed to provide all career options of the Nordic Nation in which it is running short of, and gives good opportunities to all those aspirants who wish to make their livelihood in this famed global immigration hotspot.

The main purpose of the positive list is to make the aspirants available all eligible works and ways which will facilitate an easy entry to the country. It encourages workers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and from the exterior of European Union (EU).

The Denmark immigration skilled occupation 2014 list proves fruitful to all those luck candidates who possess job offer from the Danish employer provided the job is listed in the positive list. This helpful list will assist in meeting the shortage of talented and hard workers from overseas. Moreover, the applicants may grab additional bonus points under Denmark’s Green Card Scheme. The experience in any of the listed occupation will assist the aspirants to gain more points under points test.

To make it more precise, the professions listed in this list calls for higher academic qualification whereas some employments call for Masters Degree with Danish authorization. In the case of jobs, related with business and finance, the documentation of three years university study is mandatory.

In addition, the IT and telecommunication sectors demand documentation of a minimum of three years IT education, and the scope of applicant in Management field holds strong position with education at university level for at least three years.

From all those applicants, who are involved in social or religious work, Denmark immigration skilled occupation list 2014 expects a professional Bachelor’s Degree, and all other aspirants–who are into the Marketing field involving sales, purchases–need to get documentation of 3 years education that too at the university level.

For the candidates involved in the health and personal care, the requirement is the same professional Bachelor’s Degree. In short, a minimum of Bachelors Degree is a must for all the categories, and higher authorized professional opportunities, like that meant for Geologists, General Practitioners, Lawyers, & Hospital Doctors can be grabbed with the education at university level along with mentioned work experience.

To some specific categories, Denmark authorization is mandatory. Those authorized employments are clearly stated in the positive list, and the aspirants can check the list and its required fundamental requirements. The reason of migrating to the Nordic Nation can be any, and the candidates can choose the most suitable pathway to enter into this less corrupt country.

Denmark immigration skilled occupation list 2014 is designed to assist the applicants who posses the talent and experience but lack of the proper knowledge is the main hindrance. The obstacle is removed through this positive list.


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