User Support Technicians, Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program Ready To Greet You

As per some reports, at the present, the amazingly beautiful Canadian province of Nova Scotia requires several kinds of skilled professionals to fill its many existing job-openings with the User Support Technicians being one such in-demand professional therein.

These experts offer first-line technical backing to computer users facing issues with computer hardware and with computer applications, not to mention communications software. Computer hardware makers and retailers, and software developers employ them in call centres and in information technology units. These technicians are also on the pay-rolls of independent technical support firms, or they could be self-employed.

Key Duties

These professionals carry-out some or all of these duties:

  1. Communicate electronically and personally with computer customers facing difficulties to establish and document the issues faced;
  2. Check with technical handbooks, user guides, and additional papers to study & put into action solutions;
  3. Offer counsel and training to clients in reply to discovered troubles; and
  4. Give business systems, network & Internet backing to customers in reply to known troubles.

Coming back to the issue of their ‘official’ requirement in the province, those whose qualifications match and who are eager to reside in the Maple Leaf Country on a permanent basis would do well to show their interest in the Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program.

Presently, the time is perfect for the object. The scheme gives an opportunity to shift to the endless world of opportunities even as the immigration process is less time consuming and one gets a homely welcome in the province.

Significantly, the province consists of four Atlantic Canada’s provinces. Halifax is the largest city and is the political capital. The province is densely populated and has high economic growth.

Scheme Advantages

  1. Application is possessed within no time.
  2. You stand a chance to become permanent resident in Nova Scotia Province.
  3. You get a developed and multicultural society.
  4. Aspirants’ petitions are accepted under no cap and no quota system.
  5. You get the right to apply for immigration without employer sponsorship.

Scheme Eligibility Conditions

  1. You must be above 21 and below 55 years of age.
  2. You must have scored at least level five on the Canadian Language Benchmark scale or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens.
  3. You must have completed high school level of education and must have obtained a diploma, degree or certificate from a recognized educational organization.
  4. You should have work experience as a full time employee for at least two continuous years, in last five years in the occupation you intend to apply in Nova Scotia.
  5. You must be a legal resident of the current residing country.
  6. You must have intentions to permanently settle down in the region.
  7. You must be able to furnish the proof that you are capable of becoming economically established in the region.
  8. You must be able to complete an employment and settlement plan stating your potential contribution to the province.
  9. If required, you will have to attend an interview in Nova Scotia.
  10. You should have skilled intended occupation and the occupation should be in-demand under which you intent to live in the province.

You are not eligible if:

  1. You intend to join an occupation that is on National Occupational Classification level C or D.
  2. You are eligible for any other occupation under the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program.
  3. You have parent, grandparent, spouse, in laws are already living in the country.
  4. You have gained admission into the nation illegally.
  5. You, at the present, are studying at any Canadian post-secondary institution.
  6. You are an international graduate and have a valid work permit in the Maple Leaf Country.
  7. You aim to start your own business venture in the region.
  8. You have been appointed as a full time employee in the nation.
  9. You are an international graduate, graduated from a Canadian recognized institution, and are qualified for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

If you fulfill the above criteria, then what are you waiting for? Submit your application and fly to your dream destination Canada TODAY!

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